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Equal Responsibility in parenting


Words: 1663 (7 pages)

Equal Responsibility In the past, it was commonly believed that women should focus on taking care of children while men focused on being the breadwinners. However, this belief has changed and now both parents share equal responsibility in raising a child. Parenting is seen as a joint effort where one parent should not have more…

Parenthood as Part of Adulthood


Words: 1502 (7 pages)

Parenthood Growing up into an adult, many individuals believe life will simply unroll the life envisioned as a child. Individuals do not always stop to think about the obstacles one may face as in the different stages of adulthood. For many individuals, parenthood is a naturally expected event in adulthood. Women primarily think of becoming…

Parenting Styles influence Academic Achievement


Parenting styles

Words: 4093 (17 pages)

Parents are the primary persons who are responsible to teach good values and behavior in children. Parents have different methods on how to transmit their values, skills, behavior, and attitudes to their children. Most parents want their children to do well in school however not all parents are successful in this. When parents have a…

The Importance of Parental Guidance and Support in Growing Up


Words: 1783 (8 pages)

The adolescent years can be the most tumultuous, unsure and insecure stage of any person as he goes through a transition from childhood to adulthood. At this stage, the search for self identity is foremost as he tries to figure out himself, his role and relationship to the world. Parents therefore had the greatest responsibility…

First Time Parent



Words: 592 (3 pages)

The couple experienced a range of emotions upon discovering they were expecting their first child. The journey was filled with both exciting and challenging moments. They harbored uncertainties about their ability to be good parents, yet all worries dissipated when they joyfully welcomed their newborn into their home. Being a parent is an all-encompassing role…

Why Spanking Is a Bad Idea Article About Family Education



Words: 697 (3 pages)

In the article, “Why Spanking Is a Bad Idea” posted in the Family Education website by the American Academy of Pediatrics states that, “Spanking is a mild form of corporal punishment. ” They mention parents occasionally hit their children when they are stressed, frustrated, or their child has done something wrong. Pediatrics feels that spanking…

Parent Interview Report


Words: 425 (2 pages)

During the interview, I had a conversation with a parent who enrolled her daughter in child care when she was 1 ½ years old. Currently, her daughter is now 2 years old. The parent found it difficult to leave her child in child care for the first time, as both the parent and the child…

An Ineffective Parenting Style Sample


Words: 1159 (5 pages)

A twelve-year-old kid sent a missive to her female parent with the below tenor. “Dear ma. I know that you love me and ever want good things for me. It is the ground why you want me to go a vocalist. You said that vocalists earn a batch of money ; nevertheless. I do non…

A Different Side of Parenting, “I Stand Here Ironing” by Tillie Olsen Analysis


Words: 1035 (5 pages)

A Different Parenting Story Tillie Olsen does the unthinkable in writing “I Stand Here Ironing.” Olsen does not write about the joy of motherhood, or line the clouds in the story with any silver outlines. Instead, she writes a story about a mother who is painfully honest in her reflection of parenting. The unnamed narrator…

Psychology: Parenting Styles and “Fences” by August Wilson


Parenting styles

Words: 652 (3 pages)

Psychology is the study of the human mind and behavior. In psychology there are for parenting styles. They are Authoritarian, Authoritative, Permissive, and Uninvolved. I believe that the best parenting style is Authoritative. This parenting is more involved. They explain rules and punishment. They are open to conversations and questions. In“Fences” by August Wilson we…

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