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Freedom of Speech: Flag Burning

Freedom of Speech


Human Rights

Words: 981 (4 pages)

Flag burning has been one of the most controversial forms of nonviolent protests. It is often linked with the Middle East and Hezbollah with depictions of Arabs against President Bush burning the American flag. Americans are intimidated and threatened by this action, but that does not make it illegal. Supreme Court rulings have upheld that…

Analysis of George Hw Bush’s Inaugural Address

Freedom of Speech


Ronald Reagan

Words: 923 (4 pages)

During 1989, several significant events occurred, including the Iran-Contra affair, enhancements in relations with the Soviet Union, the breakup of communist nations, and the impending fall of the Berlin Wall. It was during this time that George Herbert Walker Bush, also known as “Old Bush,” delivered a highly important Inaugural Address which held significance both…

Analysis/ Synthesis

Freedom of Speech



Words: 1279 (6 pages)

Analysis/ Synthesis Essay             Introduction             For many of us, argumentative ideas become the background for self-expression. Talented analysts, writers, and professionals publicly express their viewpoints and try to persuade the rest of the nation in the rightness of their moral and ethical (or legal) approaches. We are still unable to perfectly well determine the…

The Great College Speech Debate

Freedom of Speech


Words: 982 (4 pages)

It’s long been a debate that speech on college campuses should be or should not be censored. This debate is centered around colleges allowing offensive speakers onto campuses to pronounce their controversial views for everyone to hear. Some believe freedom of speech is a given right in every situation, yet some insist that college campuses…

Comparison of Susan Jacoby’s and Susan Brownmiller ‘s Essays

Freedom of Speech



Words: 1164 (5 pages)

“A First Amendment Junkie” by Susan Jacoby and “Let`s Put Pornography Back in the Closet” by Susan Brownmiller are both illustrative essays that present the subjective views of the stated authors on the issue of feminine depiction in pornography and constitutional rights of free speech and expression. Both writers have taken a different stance on…

Understand Your Media Law

Freedom of Speech

Words: 651 (3 pages)

In Malaysia, the meaning of speech and expression has no different. The Federal Constitution guarantees the public shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression by communicating and provide opinions in any medium. However, whoever misused and caused any negativity to the society, that particular person will be punished with fines or with…

Freedom of Speech by Gender

Freedom of Speech

Words: 1484 (6 pages)

What if you were not allowed to have a voice and share what you think just because of your gender? How would that make you feel? Well, this is a common thing that happens in our country and across the world. That is why I am focusing on Women’s Rights as my Exhibition topic. I…

Freedom of Speech in the Internet

Freedom of Speech

Words: 1098 (5 pages)

There are a lot of arguments happening regarding whether Internet is a “freedom-speech” place or there are some unspoken rules of ethics or even if some of the restrictions should occur. Our book states “…given their tremendous size and importance as platforms for free speech, companies like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and Twitter shouldn’t try to…

Freedom of Speech in Internet

Freedom of Speech

Words: 790 (4 pages)

According to Amina Mohammed, who is the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations democracy is the of history and culture of a country which cannot be the same. Therefore, every country must establish a model of governance that best reflects its culture and needs. It must handle the government of nation and justice issues in…

History of Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech

Words: 1470 (6 pages)

Democracy can be defined within Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address as the “government of the people, by the people, for the people.” Unlike some other forms of government, democracy cultivates equality and protects individual rights and liberties. Several of today’s democratic ideals derive from the Enlightenment period, which was the intellectual and philosophical movement in the…

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