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The Production of Pyruvate and Acetaldehyde During the Fermentation of Glucose



Words: 1934 (8 pages)

The glycolysis pathway is nearly universal in biological systems. Glycolysis is the sequence of reactions that converts glucose to pyruvate with the concomitant formation of ATP. Three fates of this pyruvate produced exist. In this practical the production of pyruvate and acetaldehyde by fermentation of glucose is established. A series of test tubes was set…

Investigating Respiration of Maggots



Words: 3566 (15 pages)

The aim of my investigation is to see how the rate of respiration of some maggots differs between room temperature and other temperatures, in terms of volume of oxygen produced. I predict that as I raise the temperature of the maggots, the rate of respiration will increase. I think this because respiration is an enzyme-dependant…

Biochemistry-Anaerobic Respiration



Words: 1598 (7 pages)

Generally, anaerobic respiration starts by breaking down the molecules of glucose and produces pyruvic acid. The pyruvic acid then undergoes fermentation to produce ATP, the basic energy source in our human body. Although this kind of respiration is less efficient in producing energy, because it produces only two ATP molecules in comparison to the 38…

Introduction Dextranase Definition And Its Uses Biology



Words: 2836 (12 pages)

Dextran is a corporate name given to a big category of homopolysaccharides composed of D-glucans with immediate a-1,6 glycosidic linkages (95%), with minor secondary linkages such as a-1,2, a-1,3, and a-1,4. It is produced by microorganisms such as Leuconostoc mesenteroides, Streptococcus sp., Acetobacter capsulatus, and Acetobacter viscosus. Dextrans are soluble in water, have low toxicity,…

Frequently Asked Questions about Glycolysis

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What is glycolysis explain?
Glycolysis is the process in which one glucose molecule is broken down to form two molecules of pyruvic acid (also called pyruvate). The glycolysis process is a multi-step metabolic pathway that occurs in the cytoplasm of animal cells, plant cells, and the cells of microorganisms.
What is the main point of glycolysis?
Glycolysis is the first of the main metabolic pathways of cellular respiration to produce energy in the form of ATP. Through two distinct phases, the six-carbon ring of glucose is cleaved into two three-carbon sugars of pyruvate through a series of enzymatic reactions.

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