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Methadone Maintenance Treatment



Words: 1899 (8 pages)

Methadone is the generic name of an artificial narcotic which has been described as a safe and effective medication for pain but is also used in dealing with addiction to opioid substances such as heroin and morphine. It prevents patients from experiencing withdrawal symptoms thereby reducing their dependence on such substances. The popular brand names…

Issues In Our Society



Words: 2104 (9 pages)

Psychology is the scientific study of human and animal behavior. It is made of theories and tries to prove why we behave the way we do, our mental processes, our emotions, and our actions. In this writing assignment I will discuss why some people choose to behave so outrageous that we see it as abnormal…

Stoned: Should Marijuana be Legalized?



Words: 1898 (8 pages)

            Many of the known illegal drugs today were once legally sold over-the-counter and used in public and private domains. However, throughout the 20th Century, these drugs were slowly illegalized because of people abusing them and the discovered harmful short and long term effects pf these drugs on the user. Most of the illegalized drugs…

Decriminalization Vs. Prohibition



Words: 1106 (5 pages)

Decriminalization vs. ProhibitionThe idea of Drug Prohibition made sense: lower the availability of drugsby the use of law enforcement. Unfortunately, Drug Prohibition means heavycosts while proving to be ineffective and counterproductive. I was thirteen when I saw drugs for the first time. I was with some ofmy friends that live down the road from me….

Drug Abuse in USA



Words: 1019 (5 pages)

In the United States of America, we, the people value several things, some of which are freedom, expanding and taking care of our families and our financial security. We, the people, take such things for granted. We also discourage some behavior, such as crime, laziness and use of illegal drugs. Drug abuse is one of…

Illegal drugs essay



Words: 906 (4 pages)

Index: -Introduction page 1 -Difference between legal and illegal drugs page 2 -Century’s most popular drugs used by teenagers page2 -Level and age of people use such drugs relative to their gender page 3 -The countries that supply such drugs page 3 -Effects of drugs on the health of users and society page4 -Solutions page5…

The Types Of Drugs



Words: 972 (4 pages)

A sedative drug is used to make the user calm down or to make them sleep, or even worse according to which type of sedative drug is used.A stimulant drug is used to make the body work faster which increases the heart rate.A pain killer drug is used to reduce pain, also entitled as an…

Suffering in Sonny’s Blues



Words: 1397 (6 pages)

In Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin, two brothers grow up in the ghetto of Harlem, a poverty-stricken place where heroin use is common and crime is high. Sonny, the younger of the two, is portrayed as a troubled young adult who desperately tries to get out of the negative environment that threatens to destroy his…

The Glamorization of Heroin



Words: 986 (4 pages)

Celebrities and popular culture in society have glamorized the deadly drug heroin today. The status of heroin in America today is that the drug is “in.” Advertisements in magazines and television are displaying gaunt, extremely thin, glassy-eyed, pale faced models. This look of death is often found in Calvin Klein ads or even in Packard-Bell…

The Destructive Social Effects of Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction


Words: 1149 (5 pages)

During the 1970s through the 1990s drugs were everywhere you turned your head, recreational drug use was at an all time high. It made its way through the higher social classes of the suburbs all the way to the lowest social class areas in the inner cities across America. People who abused street drugs such…

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