Why Drugs Should Not Be Legalized

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Why drugs should not be legalize We ask ourselves what are these great risks on us consuming illegalized drugs. We are constantly exposed to all sorts of illegal drugs especially young adults at school, parties and even on the local beaches. Were surrounded by it all through out of lives, being pressured to consume them and take risk on becoming addicted. Not only this, but we are presented with all other types or drugs, such as over the counter for a simple cold, pain relievers received in hospitals, and chemo for cancer patients. All of these drugs help people overcome difficult pains.

So the question still remains if such drugs as these can relieve a person’s physical pain, what can possibly be the cons of these so called illegal drugs. The government has several drugs that are illegal; the top three drugs that are considered highly harmful for a human’s body are marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. First, marijuana is a combination of leaves, seeds, and stems from the “cannabis sativa plant” The color may vary such as in green, brown and gray. Also, cocaine is a powerfully addictive drug of abuse. Once having tried cocaine, users cannot predict or control the extent to continue using the drug.

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Finally, heroin is a strong narcotic it is the most addicting drug on this earth, not only physically but also mentally. Drugs cause such horrible harms to our bodies, why allow it? Marijuana is abused by people from all ages some even starting in just middle school to great grandparents. It is the most abused drug in these United States. Children are constantly being told my parents and other elders don’t do drugs, always so no, it will only cause problems. But when do adults ever speak to children on all the horrible affects it can cause them in the lives. Not just physically but emotionally as well.

When do adults speak to the children to wear it will truly affect them, to sink in how wrong doing drugs is, about the consequences if taking them. Such as videos of people who overly used marijuana and how it horrible affected their futures, or bringing in an experienced user who has gone down the wrong path from the use of marijuana to come in and speak to the kids about their life and the horrors of it. They as children need to learn early on why not to use drugs and why they are illegal, because of the harms they cause to your body such as your brain, heart and lungs.

Marijuana affects your brain by when a person smokes marijuana the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is passed through the body and carried back to the brain, the brain is then chemically affected causing the body to act differently, you memory, thinking, concentrating, and movement are out of balance, so you are more likely do to outrageous things you would have never proceeded with if you were at a sober mind. Marijuana also hurts your heart. This is by every time you smoke marijuana you heart rate speeds up for your entire “high”. With this hazard people who smoke have an extremely higher chance of having a heart attack.

Marijuana by all strongly affects you lungs, by holding in a deep breath of the smoke contaminating the lungs and creating a risk of getting cancer. Marijuana must stay an illegal drug, to better for people and their health. Cocaine is a powerfully addictive drug of abuse. Once having tried cocaine, users cannot predict or control the extent to continue using the drug. Cocaine can be inserted in the body in several ways such as snorting which is from the nose, injecting done with a needle directly punctured through the skin, and smoking it. No matter how you injected in your body either way it’s harmful and will get you addicted.

Not only this but you can catch all sorts of infections and diseases, depending on hoe the drug is executed. When taking cocaine you feel a lot of different ways towards your body like extremely energetic, not having any feel for sleep and being vary alert and jittering, on the edge. The way your body and brain is all affected relies on of how fast the cocaine is inserted and how quickly it reaches the bloodstream to take a full effect creating a greater “high”. Depending on how you absorb the drug determines on how long you’ll body will be affected.

This drug not only harmfully affects your body and health but it also affects you brain. With more and more uses of cocaine the brain can created long term issues messing up the regular system, thought our the body as well. Causing you body to become addicting, craving the drug constantly, that your body will ache with out it and having you brain malfunction having you think that the drug is necessary and will have you do anything just to get your hands on some cocaine to release the stressful feeling. To prevent all this dangers towards your body and the other lives, cocaine should not be allowed to be taken, keeping it illegal.

Having as many ways and action taken to avoid anyone from getting hooked on this hazardous drug, cocaine. Heroin is a strong narcotic it is the most addicting drug on this earth, not only physically but also mentally. It is a white or brown powder. It’s a depressant drug that affects the brain’s pleasure systems and interferes with the brain’s ability to feel any sort of pain. The drug can be used in many different ways like injected with a shot directly to the muscle, as the majority of users do, or smoked mix with another substance such as marijuana or other substances, and snorted through the nose.

When first taking heroin users feel a certain rush through out their whole body, your inside fells a nice cozy warm all over, and mouth extremely dry. After the user will feel super drowsy, and the brain will be filled with the sadden thoughts. Other symptoms can be unable to speak properly, huge pupils, low eyes, and vomiting. When continuing the usage of heroin for a long time depending on how they drug is taken can have no longer pumping veins, infection around the heart, and liver disease.

Overusing the drug can cause to clog the blood streams, this can cause harsh infections or worse having a serious organ to fail. When using a lot of the drug in one dose you body becomes dependent on it, constantly craving the reaction from using it. Your body becomes to used to having the actions that if you don’t continue to fill the void you fell departure from everything, you seem to need just some heroine to get through the day, you cant sleep, you body aches constantly, upset stomach, body feels cold, and body shaking.

And this all occurs from with a day or two from when you completely stop using the drug. From all these harm done to you body by taking heroine, and then all the horrors that come with even trying to stop using it, why would we ever want to put our bodies or anyone else’s in such pain and inconvenience? We wouldn’t and that is why the government must continue to keep heroin illegal from now on and forever.

As you have read not one of these drugs have a plus side or give not one reason why the government should even sit and consider making them legal for anyone to have a free will to consume these drugs. Every one on these drugs has their faults whether it’s from your health and your well being. They cause nothing but harm to the human body, from just taking them you can become vary ill and risk your life, get strongly addicted, or even trying to quit the drug after getting to used to the constant affects can cause your body to go in extreme painful shock.

These drugs will do no good so they should not be legalized. Not now, not even, under any terms. Not only do these and other drugs need to be kept illegal, but the government should do better sweeps and awareness on the streets to keep anyone else getting addicted to these drugs, to help save a life. To make our streets clean our citizens healthy and our location a better living environment. http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Cannabis_%28drug%29 http://science. howstuffworks. com/marijuana. htm http://cyber. law. arvard. edu/evidence99/marijuana/Health_1. html http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Heroine_%28disambiguation%29 http://www. thecyn. com/heroin-addiction/social-effects-heroin-addiction. html http://emedicine. medscape. com/article/166464-overview http://methoide. fcm. arizona. edu/infocenter/index. cfm? stid=214 http://news. nationalgeographic. com/news/2011/07/110719-salt-cocaine-cravings-addiction-genes-brains-science/ http://www. cocainedrugaddiction. com/cocaine-information http://www. cocaineaddictioninfo. com/

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