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College students should pay for their own higher education: An argument


Higher Education


Words: 897 (4 pages)

College students should pay for their own higher education: An argument When Abraham Lincoln said, “things may come to those who wait, but only things left by those who hustle,” he may well have been referring to higher education.  From time to time, the debate about state or privately funded tuition arises.    To what extent…

Technology and Learning in Higher Education

Higher Education



Words: 7580 (31 pages)

Determining the ultimate goals and objectives of higher education is a difficult task to accomplish considering its broad compass and the cornucopia of categories that are necessary to compartmentalize it. For instance, the quintessence, the significance, and the aims of higher education differ under various settings or circumstances. This thought may be represented by the…

The Development of an Employee Satisfaction Model for Higher Education


Higher Education

Words: 1165 (5 pages)

Purpose – Most studies on higher education focus on students as customers, and evaluate student levels of satisfaction/dissatisfaction with their programs, while generally neglecting teacher work satisfaction. Thus, this study evaluates how employee dissatisfaction with various investment items determines the improvement priority. Design/methodology/approach – This study used the academic literature to establish a satisfaction model…

Higher Education and Co-education Coeducation

Higher Education

Words: 632 (3 pages)

CO-EDUCATION Coeducation means the education of boys and girls in the same schools, colleges or universities. This is a modern concept and it has made a remarkable rapid progress. It was first introduced in Switzerland. Now it has become popular almost in the whole of Europe and the whole of America. The Eastern companies are…

Assignment 08.04 writing about relevance



Higher Education

Words: 1362 (6 pages)

Finally, it is costly and poses demand for higher pay based on qualification. Implication: Hence, it shows that, acquiring higher education is very important Recommendation: It would best if people and societies as a whole will take into consideration the importance of higher education. Final thought: One suggestion that can be done is to introduce…

Should Higher Education Be Free to Students?

Higher Education


Words: 874 (4 pages)

University education has become a major hot topic recently as governments have struggled to find the funds for universities. Therefore, there have been many debates raised of what the best way to fund university education is and whether it should be free or not. Firstly, we will start by going over why tuition fees were…

Higher Education in Malaysia

Higher Education

Words: 394 (2 pages)

There is increasing demand for higher education, especially from the youth population of developing countries. As it is viewed as an important pathway for greater social mobility (Devise, 2008). According to the World Trade Organization (WTFO 2010), private returns from higher education are high for both developed and developing countries. In developing countries. The wage…

Higher Education Commission Scholarships in Pakistan

Higher Education

Words: 1672 (7 pages)

After independence, efforts have been made to relate the education system to the needs and inspirations of the country. All Education Conference was held in 1947 as per directives of the founder of Pakistan Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He provided the basic guidelines for the future development of education that the education system should suit…

Transforming Higher Education in Kenya

Higher Education

Words: 3418 (14 pages)

ACCESS AND EQUITY IN HIGHER EDUCATION IN KENYA A paper presented for The KIM SOM CONFERENCE 2009 Theme: Transforming Higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges Sub Theme: Access and Equity in Higher Education By NAME : OWINO ROSE ATIENO DESIGNATION: TEACHER IN SECONDARY SCHOOL & EMBA STUDENT – KIM NAKURU HD334-033-0234/ 2008 Email address: atienowino @…

Higher Education in Bangladesh

Higher Education

Words: 970 (4 pages)

Higher education plays a crucial role in modern civilisation. While this is a self-evident truth to many, its importance cannot be stressed enough. It holds true from both micro and macro perspectives. On a micro scale, the most obvious benefit of higher education is that it clearly provides greater employment opportunities than secondary education. There…

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