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Major Schools of Thought

Humanistic psychology


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The major schools of thought are very vivid and there are many different meanings of each school there are 10 different schools of thought in psychology, however there are only 7 basic schools. The basic schools of thought in psychology are Structuralism, Functionalism, Behaviorism, Psychoanalysis, Humanistic Psychology, Gestalt Psychology, and Cognitive Psychology. The 7 basics…

Personality theory:victor frankl vs carl rogers

Humanistic psychology


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PERSONALITY THEORY – CARL ROGERS AND VICTOR FRANKLWhy is it that man lives up to a certain point not knowing what the meaning of life is. Not knowing what path to follow, not knowing if the energy and courage to discover the truths of ones own existence in this world exist. Some persons will drive…

Maslow on Management

Humanistic psychology


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A REVIEW ON “MASLOW ON MANAGEMENT BY ABRAHAM. H. MASLOW” With DEBORAH. C. STEPHENS AND GARY HEIL Course: Philosophy of Management Submitted To Prof. K. Unnikrishnan Nair By Aparna Venugopal Fpm 05 02 Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode Fellow Programme in Management Abstract Dr. Maslow believed in a holistic analysis of the person to determine…

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