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Kant’s Universalizability Theory

Immanuel Kant


Words: 3057 (13 pages)

A real knowledge, one ought to know, goes along with the morality of such knowledge. In so much, before one can be admitted or introduced into a particular area of study, one must be acquainted the morality or the value of such field of study. For this same reasons, morality is very crucial in the…

The ethical systems of Kant and Mill: A comparison and contrast Ricardo Renta

Immanuel Kant


Words: 2174 (9 pages)

What part does happiness play in determining the morality of an act in a situation? Can a concept that ties morality to the search of happiness truly be rational? What of the opposite? Is it possible to view every situation with objectivity, never taking into account an emotion (like happiness)? The questions above concern themselves…

Kant’s Humanity Formula

Immanuel Kant


Words: 1638 (7 pages)

Kant: The Humanity FormulaFew formulas in philosophy have been so widely accepted and variously interpreted as Kants injunction to treat humanity as an end in itself(Hill, 38). Immanuel Kants views, as elucidated in his book, Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals, are based on the belief that people count by prohibiting actions which exploit other…

Church And State Research Paper Church


Immanuel Kant

Words: 704 (3 pages)

Church And State Essay, Research Paper Church and State When I try to believe of solutions to universe jobs in my head I end up with a concern, in an absolute province of confusion, which brings me right back to the same job I started out with. It is like a confusing arithmetic job that…

Donation and Transplantation of Organs

Immanuel Kant

Organ Donation

Words: 661 (3 pages)

From the beginning of the transplantation of organs, the procedure has always raised ethical issues. One of the primary reasons is the consistent high demand for organs and how there is never enough for individuals who are in need. Most organ donations are from deceased donors, but the predicament is that there is only about…

Moral Dilemma in the Workplace

Immanuel Kant


Words: 1982 (8 pages)

This essay focuses on a dilemma that I have faced in the workplace. Firstly, I will describe the dilemma and then present how I used ethical theory to analyse the actions that I took to best resolve the situation. Deontological theories are used in my analysis. Applying Kantian theory to my actions supports that my…

The Immorality of Lying

Immanuel Kant


Words: 1594 (7 pages)

The Immorality of Lying Introduction Lying is said to have started in the Bible when the Serpent lied to Eve about the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, telling her “You shall not die” (NIV Holy Bible, Gen 3.4). It is indeed as old as humanity itself. Throughout the years, philosophers have contended…

Nestle Marketing Tactics

Categorical imperative

Immanuel Kant


Words: 1375 (6 pages)

Nestle Marketing Tactics Introduction to the Nestle Baby Formula Controversy: Nestle is a highly decentralized multinational company which has its presence in multiple countries. The company itself however is a Swiss-based company. In 1970’s however the company underwent a boycott for its products when it marketed baby formula products to the people of Africa. The…

Gone Baby Gone Analysis According to Kant Theory

Immanuel Kant


Words: 616 (3 pages)

I’m going to talk in this assignment about the movie: Gone Baby Gone; which is an incredible, fresh, and real film, and its relation with Kant theory. In this movie characters are rich and alive; the story is compelling, surprising, and not at all predictable. Kant said that one must have a respect for the…

The Procedural Republic and the Unencumbered Self: Sandel

Immanuel Kant


Words: 1222 (5 pages)

Sanded Michael Sanded starts off “The Procedural Republic and the Unencumbered Se by stating that philosophy is unavoidable and has existed from the beginning of humanity. He states, “To engage in a political practice is already to stand in reel action to theory. For all our uncertainties about ultimate questions Of political philosophy why of…

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