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Should immigration laws be reformed persuasive

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    That solution is, an immigration reform One of the reasons why the United States has this problem is, because of the abundance f opportunities. Even with the deficiencies in the current economy, it is one of the richest countries in the world. The United States currently ranks in first place as the richest country in the world (Annex. Com). Sadly not everybody is blessed with a lot of money, so for a lot of these people it is not about option. Their only way out of poverty is for them to leave their native country in search of a better life, for themselves and most importantly for their families.

    There is a misconception that all illegal immigrants are lazy and have no interest in bettering their education. The reality is, these people have not even received the great opportunity to further their education. The situation for most illegal’s in their own country has caused them to drop out of school, not out of laziness, but out of the need to put bread on the table for their families. Much like the situation faced in the early days of the united States; children are not only seen as part of the family, but also as part of the workforce.

    Sadly not only are the undocumented workers the ones hurt by this but also their family, in particular their children. Most of these kids come onto the United States with their parents and in all reality, without very little say about it. As children, it is very difficult to be away from their parents so the most logical solution is to follow their parents. The problem for undocumented children, is not does not have a great impact during their early years of life, but quickly becomes one as they grow. As young children they have a very normal “American” Childhood.

    They ride the yellow school bus every morning, they say the pledge of allegiance in class, and they pick up English as one of their primary languages (if not as their first). It gets to the mint where everything they know is America. So put yourself in their situation. You have lived all of your live in the United States. Imagine not being able to get your license at the age of 16, not being able to get a part time job, not even being able to further your education by going to college, and on top of all of that you have the fear Of being deported to a country that you know nothing off.

    All of these things, which they cannot acquire, are essential for everyday life. One important item is the drivers license. This form of permit to drive is not only something required to operate a motor icicle, but it is also a way of identification. So by restricting the privilege of a license to undocumented people, could this restriction be an invitation for identity theft? Sadly yes, according to Ronald W. Mortises (a retired career foreign service officer) “approximately 75 percent of working-age illegal aliens use fraudulent Social Security cards to obtain for Immigration Studies).

    That is a very large percent, but what is more worrying is not that they are working under a false identity, but that there is a very large number of people in the U. S. Without even being identified. Take into inconsideration that a license is one of the requirements to board on a plane. By giving the population Of illegal aliens the privilege to a license, it would make life safer for the citizens of this country. Not only would there be better driver out on the road, but it would provide better security and monitoring of the people that live in this country.

    Many say that a lot of the illegal people in this country are unmotivated and not looking to better their education; the truth is that they can’t. One of the many reason illegal immigrants come into this country is to either work or study. What happens when they can’t do either one? Many hard working teenagers are faced with the cold reality that they cannot move poniard after successfully completing High School. During this time in their life they are forced with a hard reality.

    Do they go back to a country that they know nothing about (culture, language, or even recognize as their own) or stay in the United States and work in factories or low paying jobs for the rest of their life? If the United States really wants to compete against the rising world economies, they must realize that there is a generation of bright, self motivated, illegal students who want nothing more, Han to educate themselves. By becoming the best in their field, they can give back to the economy of this country just like this country once gave to them.

    Many people, are tricked into believing that the best solution is to get rid of all of the illegal immigrants by sending them back to their home country or by focusing all of their efforts on setting up a wall. While on paper this might sound like a decent idea, the truth is that this is an unrealistic measure. As stated before, there is around 12 and 20 million illegal immigrants in the united States and would be naive and unrealistic to believe that a wall would e a solution, at all. Focusing all of the efforts on removing them from this country, does not fix the problem.

    Instead this measure ends up hurting the national economy. Every time an illegal alien is caught, the person has to go through an extensive deportation process which can take several months. That means that the whole time he is in jail, citizen’s tax dollars end up paying for the detainees housing, food, and medical service. That a big investment without counting the billions of tax payer dollars that it would cost to build a fence which would effectively protect the entire border (globularity. Mom). In other words the spending is higher than the actual result.

    The best solution for the United States’ immigration problem and even possibly to help heal the economic downfall would be to push for an immigration reform. Yes, Illegal immigrants are still illegal therefore also breaking the law, but there is a difference from this crime from other more severe crimes committed every day. As an example there is a great difference between the punishments a person receives from stealing a candy bar from a convenience store to the punishment a person receives for robbing a bank.

    The same thing applies for legal immigrants, they are being charged with the same harshness of a dangerous delinquent when in all reality their crime is not as severe as one. By simply charging them a heavy fine to earn their residency (which any immigrant would pay without a doubt) they would be stimulating the economy with millions of dollars while at the same time earning their legal status. A recent proposal, which has just gone into action is ‘ ‘The Dream Act” an executive order given by President Obama, which would create a pathway to education for thousands of young students who were brought to the

    United States years ago as children and possibly against their will (dreamt. Com). Following in the Federal Governments footsteps is the prestigious Notre Dame University. This University will not only start accepting undocumented students but will also offer financial aid, saying the move will “Strengthen the student body’ (Washington’s. Com) This is a great example of what should be done for the many undocumented people who want to better their lives by gaining their citizenship whether it be through a college education or serving in the military.

    This is a win, win proposal cause not only do they get their legal status but they have to do something for their country (education or serving in the military) in order to get it. This is a problem that has been around for a long time in the United States and has not gotten any better throughout the years. By taking all of these actions not only would the United States prosper economically (from all of the money illegal’s would pay to legalize their status) but also benefit from the better prepared bilingual youth that would give the United States an opportunity to compete against global markets.

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