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Netsilik infanticide and its effect on the social make up of Eskimo life



Words: 1063 (5 pages)

There are two big problems facing the Netsilik. The allocation of resources for survival, and the propagation of their community are the most concerning factors of Eskimo life. They have adapted different techniques that are implemented to elevate these pressures, namely infanticide and promised marriages. Infanticide is used to balance the high birth rate with…

DBQ Classical Athens and Han China: How Great Were Their Differences Compare and Contrast



Words: 966 (4 pages)

Classical Athens and Han China share major similarities yet they have distinct differences. Their form of government was different because Han China had an emperor and Classical Athens ran a democracy. When it came to the children both Classical Athens and Han China the murder of a child was justified. Also women in both Empires…

Brazil Female Infanticide



Words: 1484 (6 pages)

With that mindset, male infants are seen as having more financial potential than arils. Therefore making male babies more desirable than females, leading to abortion based on gender discrimination and post-birth killing of infants.. Female babies have twice as high of a chance of not surviving in the first week of birth than males Often…

Frequently Asked Questions about Infanticide

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How can we prevent infanticide?
Through detection, avoidance and deterrence, infants and their caregivers prevent infanticide. If infanticide is treated as a series of steps preceding lethal injury, one can see several junctures at which animals can act to lower risk (Figure 10.1). Protectors can prevent infanticide at every step.
What is infanticide and its elements?
In this paper we define Infanticide as a deliberate, intentional act of child-killing, and we believe that this element of intent to cause the child's death is the most essential factor in deciding whether the death of a child was a wilful murder, or whether it was the result of (often culpable) neglect, ommission, or ...
What is the purpose of infanticide?
infanticide, the killing of the newborn. It has often been interpreted as a primitive method of birth control and a means of ridding a group of its weak and deformed children; but most societies actively desire children and put them to death (or allow them to die) only under exceptional circumstances.
Where does infanticide occur?
Infanticide was practiced by pre-Columbian tribes in Mexico and parts of South America. In modern times, infanticide has become less common in the Western world, but it continues in West Africa, China, India, Pakistan, and Oceana. England and Wales had 30-50/million child homicides between 1982 and 1996.

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