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Essays on Los Angeles

“Gabu” by Carlos Angeles Sample

Carlos A. Angeles was born in Tacloban City. Leyte on May 25. 1921. He finished high school in Rizal High during the twelvemonth 1938 and proceeded to college. traveling to assorted universities such as Ateneo de Manila. University of the Philippines ( where he became a member of the UP Writers’ Club ) . and …

Los Angeles Lights

Los Angeles LightsCities are subjective pieces of art; from Rome to Bangkok to Los Angeles about which this essay is about.   Los Angeles is famous for smog, for hippie trends and movie stars.  It is a city built on light, electricity, even a fervor of human inhabitants all hopeful.  Thus, light in L.A. is …

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Los Angeles

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The Los Angeles Lakers

Throughout this course we learned many facts about the Los Angeles Lakers that helped me better understand their history, business and social life. I think the Lakers have improved drastically in the past decades. By choosing the right players, coaches, and staff, they were able to move forward with their success. This is good to …

Mike Davis’ Fortress Los Angeles

Fortress L. A. One of the key issues today for any society is the question of security. Considering existing statistics on crime and violence, it is not surprising that the issue has become one of the most urgent. However, both the issue and its significance in society is not new, it has been a perennial …

History Of The Los Angeles Club of the Deaf (LACD)

Founded in 1935, The Los Angeles Club of the Deaf (LACD) was a major center of Deaf social events. Before the club started, it was very hard for Deaf people to find friends. The club helped to bring them together with other Deaf people, helping them make friendships that would last a lifetime. It was …

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