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Martial Arts Essays

Brief History of Martial Arts

When someone says ‘martial arts’, one of the first things that often come to mind for many are the movies starring Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee or perhaps The Karate Kid. These movies may be a great introduction to martial arts, but there is so much more to learn about this form of art. Each …

The Martial Arts Have Positive Effects on the Children Overall Development

Martial arts, which was originated from Japan, Korea, and China as forms of self-defense, attack, competition, health and fitness, entertainment as well as spiritual and mental development (Light,2016). Today’s children exposed to an increasing number of stress and expectations. While research on improving student education is conventional, there may not be enough emphasis in some …

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Martial Arts

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Compare Bodybuilding and Martial Arts

For the last many years, sports have been playing an important role in human being’s life owing to profits they make. This report will compare and contrast three aspects between Bodybuilding and Martial Arts. Those are health, figure and social benefits. First of all, both Bodybuilding and Martial Arts have the same advantages of health. …

Is Performing Arts a Waste of Time, Money, and Resource?

Performing arts is a waste of time, money and resource? In the 21th centuries, many people may think that performing arts is a subject that existed for the teenagers who cannot excel well in studies. Most of the people also think that this subject is only for the teenagers that wanted to be an actress …

History of Kickboxing Martial Arts

Fighting Is Art Since the dawn of time, man has had to fight for one reason or another. There has been war using weapons, sword fights between individuals, and then there are modern day wars battled out in the cage. Kickboxing has had many uses in the past, but it is one of the most …

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