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Blue Winds Dancing


Words: 789 (4 pages)

Living Between Two Worlds In the essay, “Blue Winds Dancing,” by Tom Whitecloud, the theme is motivated by the conflict the narrator faces while missing what he considers home. Satisfaction for ones culture is a fine line between appreciation of your own and disapproval for those that are different. This conflict is brought to light…

Bihu Dance of Assam


Words: 1486 (6 pages)

The Bihu dance is a folk dance from the North Eastern Indian state of Assam. It is most related to the festival more commonly known as the Rongali Bihu. This festival is the most anticipated and is celebrated with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm. The festival brings together all the Assamese people, disregarding of their…

Bangarra Dance Theatre



Words: 1197 (5 pages)

Bangarra Dance Theatre – Ochres 1995 Co-Choreographers: Stephen Page and Bernadette Walong Composer: David Page Cultural Consultant: Djakapurra Munyarryun Lighting Design: Joseph Mercurio Set Designer: Peter England A Passion for Dance “For me, I think the importance of going back to the traditional style of dance was that I was able to observe and watch…

Dances with Wolves


Words: 1410 (6 pages)

‘‘Dances With Wolves’’ is a 1990 western film directed, produced by, and starring Kevin Costner who plays the character of John J. Dunbar, a Civil War First Lieutenant on the Union side. It is a film adaptation of the 1988 book of the same name by Michael Blake . With this movie, Costner made his…

Manoeuvres Performing Through the Years and into The Next Generation’s Dancing Hearts


Words: 2152 (9 pages)

Manoeuvres: Performing Through the Years and into The Next Generation’s Dancing Hearts You must be thinking, “The word looks wrong, isn’t it supposed to be ‘maneuvers’?” Well, according to a Miriam-Webster dictionary, the word “manoeuvre” is just a British variant for the word “maneuver”, an alternate spelling that usually the people from the United Kingdom…

Ballroom Dance and World Dance Council


Words: 1682 (7 pages)

Ballroom dance was from Europe, and it refers to set of partner dances, which are enjoyed both socially and competitively around the world. Because of its performance and entertainment aspects, ballroom dance is also widely enjoyed in stage, film, and television. Ballroom dance may refer; at it’s widest to almost any type of social dancing…

What Impact Does the Mass Media Have on the Perception of Dance on Society?


Mass Media


Words: 939 (4 pages)

Dance is portrayed by the media in different forms such as on television, in newspapers, magazines, movies, and on the internet. Dancing can be seen as something positive, but may also have a negative effect on people who view dancing through the media. From a very young age, children experience dance through television and on…

Mask in Contemporary Dance and Performance


Words: 2533 (11 pages)

Mask in Contemporary Dance and Performance Mask dances have been handed down through history form generation to generation in various parts of the world.  Nepal has various mask dances.  Among these are the Mahakali Dance, Lakney Dance, Khyak Dance, Kawan Dance and the Devi Daitya Sangram.  The use of masks in these dances is to…

Cumbia, a Traditional Dance from Colombia



Words: 822 (4 pages)

Cumbia is a traditional form of music and dance originated in Colombia’s Caribbean coastal region; its roots come mainly from Africa, in fact the name of this traditional dance its comes from the African term cumbe which means revelry or party. However, Cumbia is a musical and cultural fusion of Native Colombians, slaves brought from…

Carinosa, The National Dance Of The Philippines Sample



Words: 1075 (5 pages)

Carinosa Carinosa is a romantic coquettish common people dance set to a waltz-like 3/4 beat. A twosome expresses their feelings for each other with demure moves including playing hide-and-seek behind a hankie or a fan. Carinosa is known throughout the Philippines. Carinosa ( ‘kah-reehn-YOH-sah’ ) means fond. loveable or good-humored. With a fan or hankie….

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