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Essays about Massachusetts

Lowell, Massachusetts and the industrial revolution

Cotton spinning existed long before the industrial revolutions started in the United States.  There were spinning systems already built but it was not until the year 1814 when Francis Cabot Lowell and Paul Moody invented the first power loom that included an improved spinning frame did the factory system of America begin.  With this new …

Massachusetts vs Virginia: A Tale of Two Colonies

The Chesapeake and New England: A Tale of Two Colonies England was late to the colonizing game, lagging behind both France and Spain. But when England did set foot in the New World it left its mark. The early English colonization of what is now America can be broken down into two main settlements, the …

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Code of massachusetts regulation of animal shelter

CODE OF MASSACHUSET REGULATION OF ANIMAL SHELTER Introduction This paper defines the Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR) and addresses the statutes and regulations contained, that refer to animal shelters. CMR contains regulations enacted by state agencies according to the Administrative Procedure Act (M.G.c 30A). The rules and regulations contained in the CMR constitute the body …

Massachusetts v. Prashaw

The defendant, Tracy Prashaw, was charged with possession of illegal drugs, which were found by the police in her room during a lawful search.  At the trial, the prosecution introduced in evidence photographs of the defendant in various sexually explicit  poses.   The defendant objected on the ground that the photographs were of no relevance nor …

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