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Annexation of Texas – the Lone Star State


Words: 1058 (5 pages)

Texas “The Lone Star State” went through a lot before it became the gun-slinging, cowboy riding state that we know it to be today. In the 19th century Texas went through events that would inevitably lead to its annexation to The Union. Texas declaring itself independent from Mexico would cause conflict between the formerly united…

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Words: 926 (4 pages)

    For more than three decades, the legend of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” has remained one of the most terrifying and lingering true stories ever brought to the big screen.  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre shows it’s audience what kind of creepy people can be found in our world and how the youth of our country often…

Ruthless Cattle Barons and Little Farmers — Part One


Words: 3906 (16 pages)

We’ve all read countless westerns, as well as seeing them on the big and little screens, in which the rotten predatory cattle rancher who claims the entire range, with a legion of hired guns (or just one really fast one), gets tough on the little people he sees as standing in his way. The classic…

Black Gold Texas Tea


Words: 2463 (10 pages)

Trevor MacKenzieBlack Gold the Texas TeaIn this paper I will touch on topics of oil prices, the demise and growth of oil companies large and small and international oil regulators, natural oil deposits and their locations and life expectancy, and the future of the oil industry and all it effects. I have chosen to write…

Ghost Man’s Trail — Part One


Words: 2216 (9 pages)

Robert E. Howard was nothing if not versatile. He wrote boxing stories, oriental adventure, detective stories, horror, westerns, pioneered heroic fantasy – and the weird western genre.  “The Horror From the Mound,” “The Dead Remember,” “The Man on the Ground” and “The Valley of the Lost” are examples. And there is the current springboard, “Old…

Ruthless Cattle Barons and Little Farmers — Part Two

American frontier


Words: 4007 (17 pages)

The previous post omitted a couple of things to do with the Texas cattle industry before the Civil War. The drives then were small compared to the ones that came later; but the Shawnee Trail, or Texas Road, from East Texas through Indian Territory, wasn’t the only cattle route, as I inadvertently made it seem….

Howard’s Travels Throughout Texas

American frontier



Words: 1717 (7 pages)

During his lifetime, Howard traveled widely thoughout Texas, visiting both large and small towns. The two largest cities in north Texas are Forth Worth and Dallas and Howard spent time in both of them. The cities are located next to each, but possess vastly different personalities and dynamics as Howard details in a letter to August…

Biography of James Jim Bowie



Words: 562 (3 pages)

James Bowie, also known as Jim Bowie, gained fame for his daring adventures and for creating the renowned “Bowie knife.” He was born on April 10, 1796 in Logan County, Kentucky and tragically lost his life at the Battle of the Alamo in Texas on March 6, 1836. At the time of his death, he…

The Texas of Robert E. Howard: Her Wild Old Past

Bonnie and Clyde


Words: 1269 (6 pages)

The Texas of Robert E. Howard was scarcely a generation removed from its frontier heritage. In May 1934, as Howard’s tale of Conan and Belit, “Queen of the Black Coast,” was on the stands in Weird Tales, a Texas lawman ran down the notorious Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker — Bonnie & Clyde. Frank Hamer…

Personal Writing: Living In Both Texas and New Yor

New York City


Words: 1132 (5 pages)

Personal Writing: Living In Both Texas and New York CityWhere a person was born or raised often plays an important role in theirlives. There are often comparisons between a urban civilization to ruralcivilization. Humans adopt to different environments that would be the mostsuitable for their style of living. Society as a whole didn’t tell us…

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