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Consequences to American rule in Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico

Words: 499 (2 pages)

            There were serious consequences to American rule in Puerto Rico, the Philippines and Cuba.  America came in, and acquired  Puerto Rico and the Philippines.  Cuba had independence at that time, and the United States insisted that Cuba approve the Platt Amendment to the Cuban constitution.  This amendment authorized the United States to come in…

Coca Cola and Coco Frio Sample

Coca Cola

Puerto Rico

Words: 800 (4 pages)

Culture is something that identifies us. which tells us who we are or where we come from. There’re different civilizations in the universe. people come from different backgrounds. which they mix and interact. In many occasions the mix of civilizations can convey discontent or felicity to each person. “Coca-Cola and Coco Frio” negotiations about a…

When I Was Puerto Rican Book Report

Book Report

Puerto Rico

Words: 1329 (6 pages)

Esmeralda Santiago’s When I Was Puerto Rican focuses on island life in the 1950s. In the immediate period leading up to the 1950s, Puerto Rico experienced a rapid change in the economic situation of the island. The island began to change from a primarily agricultural economy to one dominated by industry and commerce. Sugar plantations…

Hispanic American Diversity


Puerto Rico

Words: 891 (4 pages)

This is a brief summary of the linguistic, political, social, economic, religious, and familial status of the Mexican American, Puerto Rican American, Cuban American, and Central/South American ethnic groups. Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Central/South Americans all have very much in common, yet remain separate ethnic groups, descended from various ancestors. Many come to the…

History’s Role in Fiction – “The House on the Lagoon” and “Mambo Kings”


Puerto Rico

Words: 853 (4 pages)

In the novels the house on The House on the Lagoon and Mambo Kings, real historical facts and figures are used to give the stories a sense of realism. The authors of these novels use small pieces of history to make a realistic setting for their stories. The authors also use fictional historical events and…

Frequently Asked Questions about Puerto Rico

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How would you describe Puerto Rico?
Puerto Rico is an archipelago in the Caribbean Sea consisting of the main island, four small islands, and hundreds of cays and islets. The island territory is only 100 miles long and 35 miles wide (8,870 square kilometers). ... The people of the Island are charismatic, hospitable, super joyful, and passionate.
Why Puerto Rico is important?
The strategic value of Puerto Rico for the United States at the end of the nineteenth century centered in economic and military interests. The island's value to US policy makers was as an outlet for excess manufactured goods, as well as a key naval station in the Caribbean.

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