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Life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Words: 1971 (8 pages)

“The classical period produced more instrumental than vocal music, a wealth of serious and comic operas as well as vocal religious music also appeared during this time”(Ferris, 231). One of the best composer of this time was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In this paper I will go through his childhood, his friends and family, and of…

Mozart’s Lacrimosa vs Evanescence Lacrymosa


Words: 782 (4 pages)

Classical Composers are untouchable; the music they have composed has the ability to “speak” to music lovers of different cultures and time periods. The techniques they used only help mold the best music of our time. Throughout the years, artists of different genres have done variations of classical pieces. Sometimes the variations are just in…

Mozart and Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder


Words: 2206 (9 pages)

Mozart and Bipolar DisorderWolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) is one of the most beloved figures in Western music. A child prodigy and an unchallenged musical genius, Mozart composed over 600 works in a variety of musical genres before his death at age 35. Along with his recognized status as a musical genius, Mozart has also been…

Why Does Mozart’s Talents and Lifestyle Cause Salieri to Take Revenge on God?


Words: 710 (3 pages)

“Why? … What is my fault? … Until this day I have pursued virtue with rigor. I have labored long hours to relieve my fellow men. I have worked and worked the talent you allowed me. And now I do hear it-and it says only one name: MOZART!. ” It has been stated throughout the…

Mozart Effect and Music Therapy



Words: 3234 (13 pages)

Although it is only in recent times that scientists have started to document the effects of music, the qualities of music were understood even in earliest times. Evidence suggests that dance and song preceded speech, which means that music is the original language of humans. Researcher’s have found that about two-thirds of the inner ear’s…

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: History of Life


Words: 1820 (8 pages)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was baptized in Salzburg Cathedral on the day after his birth as Joannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus. The first and last given names come from his godfather Joannes Theophilus Pergmayr, although Mozart preferred the Latin form of this last name, Amadeus, more often Amade, or the Italiano Amadeo. Whatever the case may be,…

Movie: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart



Words: 970 (4 pages)

Movie: Wolfgang Amadeus MozartThe movie takes place in Vienna, Austria in the 1700’s. The film beginswith the attempted suicide of Antonio Salieri, a court composer of the AustrianEmperor. He is placed in a mental asylum where a priest visits and asks for hisconfession. Salieri claims to have caused the death of Mozart. The rest of…

The Story of Mozart and Salieri Essay


Words: 1420 (6 pages)

The main actors and their characters they played are: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Tom HulceMozarts wife Elizabeth BerriddeEmperor Joseph II Jeffery Jones The movie Amadeus was based on two composers, Mozart and Salieri. In the begging of the movie Salieri tries to commit suiside. A priest comes to see Salieri to ask him if he has…

Compare and Conrast Mozart and the Beatles



Words: 1067 (5 pages)

Mozart and the Beatles both produced their creative works of music in differing time periods, yet both composed and made groundbreaking work; the creative qualities of Mozart and the Beatles are comparable at times yet contradicting at others. Mozart was a rogue in the music world and so were the Beatles. The Beatles attracted people…

Analysis of Mozart’s Symphony No. 41 1st Movement


Words: 1834 (8 pages)

Symphony #41 in C major was written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. After Mozart died, the piece was given the name “Jupiter” by the composer Johann Peter Saloman, a composer and concert organizer. It is not certain why, but many believe it was because of its emotional style. Jupiter is the Roman name for the Greek…

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