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Compare and Conrast Mozart and the Beatles

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Mozart and the Beatles both produced their creative works of music in differing time periods, yet both composed and made groundbreaking work; the creative qualities of Mozart and the Beatles are comparable at times yet contradicting at others. Mozart was a rogue in the music world and so were the Beatles. The Beatles attracted people of all ages due to their rebellious and unique style of music at the time where as Mozart was only favored by the people that could afford to hear his work.

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Compare and Conrast Mozart and the Beatles
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Both the Beatles and Mozart provoked arrogance and concern from authority figures so they were both popular with the masses of fans and unpopular with authority. A clear difference in creativity was that the Beatles wrote their music, toured, and made albums because they loved music but that love and desire seemed only to exist because they wanted to be famous and successful. Mozart started composing at the age of 5 and made his music and operas because he was inspired, he couldn’t help himself and it was an obsession with him to get the music out of his head.

He was a genius and although he was recognized for his work, he didn’t necessarily write what might have been popular; he wrote what was in his head regardless of its acceptance, Mozart’s creative technique reached out for music’s sake and not to appeal to anyone in particular. Mozart was one of the most innovating musical composers and performers to ever exist, as well as composing, he produced a large volume of creative works without any reduction in their quality .

Mozart was able to produce such a high number of wonderfully crafted creative works because of how young he started his musical career, his father had recognized Mozart’s uncanny musical abilities and made the unregretful decision to transform him to the late 18th century prodigy. As a composer Mozart had the priceless ability to produce creative works in the form of comic opera, concertos, symphonies, and operas that profoundly altered classical music in his own lifetime and arguably continues to do so down to the present day. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart could compose and produce omplex, entertaining pieces of music within a few days. He couldn’t stop creating and composing so on the side Mozart claimed he was working hard to boost what he always considered being modest earnings so others couldn’t title him as obsessed (“Life and Music of Mozart”). During his short life, Mozart’s creative works were generally written for wealthy music patrons that could have ready access to musical performances. In the absence of recorded music the creative works of Mozart were mostly performed or listened to in concert halls, opera houses, and churches.

To Mozart’s disadvantage his work produced was during the time period of which there was no recording industry. It was a time when laws of copyright did not exist. There was no way for Mozart to protect his work or to make residual income from it. Repeats of his symphonies and sales of his sheet music did not make a penny for Mozart throughout his life. The Beatles were the new big thing. As a pop group, they were strongly influenced by American rock and roll music and the blues; it was the love music and hard work that brought the Beatles to such a successful career.

None of the Beatles were child prodigies but they were all willing to put in the work to become legendary. As result of The Beatles hard work they obtained a global popularity. The rich upper class weren’t the only people that had the opportunity to listen to the Beatles work, in the era of their success the popularity of the Beatles had stemmed from their clean cut image, their catchy lyrics and tunes and the high standard of their instrument playing (“I Read the News Today”).

The Beatles had a message to spread and they did it through their music, listening to what the public wanted, they expressed peace and love during live shows and broadcasts. Unlike Mozart, the Beatles were worried about what the public would think of them so it was only after achieving a secure state of popularity that any members were willing to express what might be an arguable opinion and even then they were careful not to go overboard. The Beatles always made it a point to not take their popularity for granted.

As a rock ‘n’ roll group, the public respected the fact that they viewed themselves as equals and didn’t speak out of their success through their music. The Beatles were all about respect and wanted to be treated the way they treated others. Mozart and the Beatles differed in how they made an impact in history and brought success into their lives but both the 18th century composer and 20th century rock group were unique in how they did it. It’s arguable on what creative technique was more successful because both were successful but truthfully it doesn’t matter.

If a person or group can battle against the odds such as Mozart and The Beetles then they will get to where they want to be eventually. Once the groove was carved the two were unable to stop working towards their passion of music and making the industry better then how they had found it (“Work Ethic”). Putting in the necessary time and effort to reach the gain the respect they have to this day is irreplaceable and I’m sure if Mozart was alive or the Beatles weren’t missing two members they would still be hard at work trying to find a new answer to what they had yet to accomplish in their last life.

The Beatles vs. Mozart

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