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Macavity the Mystery Cat

In T. S. Eliot’s poem “Macavity:  The Mystery Cat,” a villainous character is described. Macavity is a tall and thin individual with a taste for thievery. His brow is “deeply lined,” possibly a result of his thorough planning of crimes. He is neglected by society and wears a dusty coat. Macavity has sunken-in eyes and …

The Mystery of Manson

Charles Manson. The name is synonymous with one of the most notorious criminal minds in United States history. What makes him into the devious person that he is? Who was “The Family” and why did they follow him unconditionally even into prison and death? To this day, he has a congregational like following. Then and …

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Discovering the Mystery of Eleven Test Tubes

Discovering the Mystery of Eleven Test Tubes Karen Radakovich Ph. D. Mohammad Farhad Brittany Cina CH 223, Spring 08 Abstract: Eleven mystery test tubes labeled from K-1 to K-11 contained: 6M H2SO4, 6M NH3, 6M HCl, 6M NaOH, 1M NaCl, 1M Fe(NO3)3, 1M NiSO4, 1M AgNO3, 1M KSCN, 1M Ba(NO3)2, 1M Cu(NO3)2 respectively. The contents …

The Mystery Of Edwin Drood By

“It has often been remarked that woman have a curious power of divining the characters of men”(75). This quotation from The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens reflects the opposite of what a typical Dickensian society is supposedly based upon. In this standard society, the plot would be based around the life of a …

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