Anuptaphobia – Fear of Staying Single

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Anuptaphobia is a fear of being single and is characterized by a strong desire to find the ideal partner. People with anuptaphobia may be afraid of getting married to the wrong person and may rush into relationships without considering the consequences. They may also stay in harmful relationships just to avoid being alone. Society’s portrayal of happy endings in love stories can exacerbate this phobia. Anuptaphobia can be treated with therapy and professional help. Although it may not be considered a serious phobia, it can cause problems for those who suffer from it.

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It has been said that the focus of someone with anuptaphobia is change; finding the ideal partner may be far more important than other aspects of life, and remaining single is something to be feared at all costs. There are many phobias, but something about this one interested me. Anuptaphobia has two different parts. One of which is the person is afraid to get married, and the other is that person rushes into a relationship. The third point is the combination of the two parts put together. Some people suffer anuptaphobia in the form of being afraid of being married to the wrong person.

A person may be able to offer some level of commitment but will continue to look for the ideal man or woman to come along. Some are always looking for the “right” person even if that person is right in front of them. No one will ever be good enough to commit to. The person would usually be hesitant because the fear drives him/her to worry about making commitments with the wrong person. Many people hope and plan for the day when they find the perfect partner with whom to share their lives. These people may choose partners and marry quickly without time to consider the consequences.

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Some people marry even if known each other just a few months. They may stay in harmful relationships where there is a promise of marriage or lifetime commitment, because they fear becoming suddenly single. Most people spent their lives looking for love, and they want to marry a soul mate; when this seems like a dream that cannot come true, anxiety may develop. Our society provides us with happy love stories and perfect endings. For example movies, they are made up and usually life or love does not have a happy ending, but there are some people out there that get the happy ending but not too often.

Anuptaphobia may cause some problems that make the goal of not being single much harder to attain. In conclusion, anuptaphobia is the fear of being single. They are afraid of getting married but yet they feel the need to always be in a relationship. When they are in a relationship they can move things along quickly. They will stay in a harmful relationship just so that they do not have to be alone. Some of the ones that are afraid to get married cannot even attend weddings. This phobia can be cured with therapy and some help. Although most people don’t think that this is a serious phobia, it can cause problems for the ones that have it.

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