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Susan Sontag – “To Live Is to Be Photographed”




Mass Media




Words: 5609 (23 pages)

INTRODUCTION Attempting to comprehend the role of photography in the mediation of our lives would have to account, apart from historical evidence, an understanding of the importance and the necessity of the photograph in every day life. In a society that is constantly bombarded by images from different mediums, photography has transformed the audience, its…

Evacuation during WWII – source based questions






Words: 1683 (7 pages)

In September 1939, a black and white photograph (Source B) shows school children and teachers who are evacuees walking to a train station in London. Alongside this, Source C features the memories of a teacher who went through the experience of being evacuated with the school children. The source comes from a 1988 interview. Source…

Summary Gillian Rose – Visual Methodologies






Social Science

Words: 3208 (13 pages)

The social life of things: materiality, metallization and mobility This approach as three key characteristics: – Treats images as material Objects materiality = how they (photos) look and feel, their shape and volume, weight and texture – Its understanding Of how the material qualities Of an image intervene in the world, particularly the world of…

Ansel Adams: Zone System and Group






Visual Arts

Words: 1164 (5 pages)

It was because of the lack of purity and crispness within Adams’ first hotplate that drove him to develop a better way in which he could capture the raw beauty of nature. By searching for ways to better nature and landscape photography, Adams construct the Zone System and Group f/64; which helped Influence the development…

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What is importance of photography in your life?
Photography can inspire you to travel, enjoy life, and celebrate the moments. It can help you become more aware of the little things in life. Taking pictures inspires you to have the desire to experience more and take risks. Read More:
What is photo essay in photography?
A photographic essay is a form of visual storytelling, a way to present a narrative through a series of images. ... A photo essay delivers a story using a series of photographs and brings the viewer along your narrative journey.
What is the importance of photography essay?
Photography is important because we can document something and have it forever. Photography lets us see something we may never have noticed otherwise. Photography is a way to express your ideas for others to see. There is no way to deny that life flies by.

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