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Essays on Work

Religious Work of Mary Helen MacKillop

Born in 1842 to two Scottish immigrants, Mary Helen MacKillop was brought up in a very religious, financially unstable household in Fitzroy, Melbourne. She resolved at a young age to lead a religious life. This goal was realized in 1866, after MacKillop had worked as a shop assistant, teacher and governess. In 1866 MacKillop met …

Democracy should Work for All Citizens

Section three of the book, State and Local Government 1999-2000, discusses the role of political parties, interest groups, and political action committees in state and local governments. Recently there has been evidence that political party affiliation is becoming less of a factor in voters’ decisions on Election Day. In 1956, only 28% of voters who …

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Life And Work of Pierre Frankel

Pierre Franker’s background Studied Economics and business management at a reputed European University Started career in Switzerland with a Consulting Major in Finance and moved to IT Joined H-IT a worldwide provider of technology and services 003- 2006 – Executive Assistant – Global Field Operation 2006 – UP Business Operations- Reporting to President MEME Russian …

Joint Work of Students on Projects

Purpose statement The objective of this memo is to peruse the things that I learned from English 308 course. This course covered a lot of things that I did not expect such as redesign project and team witting assignments. Collaborative projects In doing the collaborative project such as the Quick Reference Card and Redesign Project, …

Hindsight Bias: Definition and Description

Abstract             This paper focuses on the importance of empowering leadership and management styles in order to avoid engaging into hindsight bias or cognitive mechanism. For every company or organization, hindsight is likely to happen if members or leaders encounter failure and disappointments. In so doing, this paper discusses on some strategic concepts and theories …

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