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Plastic Ban Essays

Plastic Waste Contributions From Land Into the Sea

We have seemed to fall into a lifestyle of comfort, ease, and convenience, where disposable is a better choice than reusable. Ask yourself would you rather finish your drink in a plastic bottle and throw it away or drink from a reusable container and have to wash it? Chances are you answered you would rather …

Plastics Are One of the Biggest Pollutants on Earth

The use of plastic bags had a huge impact in Today’s society because it can be used in many different ways in our everyday lives, and if you look around the room almost everything is or made by some form of plastic. plastics make life easier in a way that we are able to use …

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Plastic Ban

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The Implementation of the Plastic Ban

As we know plastic is very important but for every good thing there is always a bad result and consequences for iit. Herecomes the PLASTIC, as we know Plastic is wonderful packing material. It is very cheap does get affected by water and it is available everywhere. The only disadvantage and the most important one …

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC)

On March 23, 2018, the Maharashtra government imposed a statewide ban on the use of plastics. Just about three months later, Mumbai became the first city to implement the ban on manufacturing and sale of plastic bags. Recently, the city of Mumbai is witnessing the comeback of this toxic product despite of taking all the …

Plastic Ban: A Call for a Better Tomorrow

Plastics are everywhere. On your house. On my house. On the beach. In the school. In the canteen. In the streets. In the backyard. It is everywhere. Plastics are truly useful. It is used as a container and many other forms. But the reality is plastics harms Mother Earth. It slowly destroys the planet. Putting …

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