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Jack London: To Build a Fire


Words: 956 (4 pages)

Nature is always pushing man to his limits. When man heeds the warning signs that nature has to offer and those warnings of other men, he is most likely to conquer nature. When he ignores these warnings, nature is sure to defeat man. To build a fire is a prime example of this scenario. In…

The Importance of being on Time in the Fire Service


Words: 346 (2 pages)

The Importance of being on Time in the Fire Service             Being on time in the fire service has various importance. Primarily, in the fire service, being punctual and alert is a must. The emergency and the kind of incident to be rescued involve life and property. Apart from that, the fire is very fast…

Thoughts on “Playing with Fire” by Scott Lazenby


Words: 2737 (11 pages)

Thoughts on “Playing with Fire” by Scott LazenbyScott Lazenby’s Playing with Fire (2001) chronicles the trials and tribulations of everyday life in the burgeoning suburb of Trillium (near Portland, Oregon), where the local administration is slowly overstretched by a restive population. Following the narrative of the protagonist, Ben Cromarty, we arrive at a City Council…

Fire and Ice by Robert Frost


Words: 498 (2 pages)

After reading this poem and being quite confused by it, I was determined to find out what it meant. Its simplicity is misleading because it can represent several opposites in the world today that correspond to fire and ice. To begin my understanding of the poem, I decided to answer some questions. First question was…

Gas-Fired Infrared Drying Machine


Words: 479 (2 pages)

Introduction Burnray combustion equipment company, a hi-tech enterprise specializing in researching and manufacturing ecological and energy-saving burners, and related products, is directed by experienced experts engaged in the R&D of burners/thermal equipment over 10 years. Our company has owned and applied for the patent for many inventions and utility models. Burnray is not only the…

Clarification of Firefighters Responsibility


Words: 905 (4 pages)

Firefighters put their life in danger every single day to help and save the public. Firefighters must be prepared for the endangers they encounter and be able to respond immediately to a fire or any other emergencies that arises. Because fighting fires is so complex, it requires organization and teamwork. At every emergency scene, firefighters…

Please Fire Me by Deborah Garrison


Words: 387 (2 pages)

One of many poems in existence is “Please Fire me” by Deborah Garrison. It was mean to be written in a way that can be seen similarly to the way people gossip. She does succeed in the way that she wrote sues word that people used in their normal vocabulary and the general tone of…

Management Problems in the Fire Service



Words: 5361 (22 pages)

Management Problems in the Fire Service Abstract: Fire is defined, as there must be combustion or rapid oxidation that causes a flame or at least a glow. Thus scorching heating and charring that occur without a flame or glow are not covered and the fire must be hostile or unfriendly. Major portion of American’s wildlands…

The Great Chicago Fire of 1871


Words: 620 (3 pages)

The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 Bales, Richard F. “Did the Cow Do It? A New Look at the Cause of the Great Chicago Fire.”             Richard Bales focuses on the assumed causes of the Chicago Fire of 1871. One of the causes it points out is from the barn of Mr. and Mrs….

Grave of the Fireflies


Words: 806 (4 pages)

Grave of the Fireflies The effects on families During WWII an estimated 200,000 or more Japanese people were killed and a lot were left homeless. Due to this, as well as the firebombing of Tokyo and fathers being in the military, many families were torn apart and separated from each other. In the movie, Seita…

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