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Causes And Effects Of Traffic Congestion Tourism

Noise pollution


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Jain, Sharma and Subramanian mentioned that congestion in the United States has increased dramatically since the last 25 old ages, which is the same as many states that enduring from traffic congestion presently. From the writers ‘ prospective, one of the major causes of traffic jam in the most metropoliss is ‘poor route traffic direction…

Sources and Effects of Noise Pollution

Noise pollution


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Noise is unwanted sound, while music is enjoyable sound. However, what some consider music may be perceived as noise by others. Noise is defined as unpleasant sound lacking musical qualities that causes discomfort and irritation. It consists of loud, non-harmonious sounds or vibrations that are bothersome to the ear. In our country, cities measure noise…

Noise Pollution in the Indian Cities

Noise pollution


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Noise pollution is the feeling of discomfort and restlessness that humans experience due to unwanted high intensity sound (noise). This can be caused by natural sources like cloud thunder, hailstorms, waterfalls, avalanches, and landslides, as well as artificial sources such as machines, automobiles, aircrafts, radios, televisions, exhaust fans, lawn mowers, sirens,loudspeakers,and cultural programs with dance…

Noise Pollution Problem

Noise pollution


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Noise pollution Traffic related noise pollution accounts for nearly two-third of the total noise pollution in an urban area. Noise, a by product of urbanization, industrialization and motorization, is increasingly recognized as an environmental nuisance that effects human health and wellbeing. Traffic noise on existing urban roadways lowers the quality of life and property values…

Non-auditory Effects of Noise


Noise pollution

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The noise simply refers to the undesirable exposure to uncoordinated, unrefined sound of frequency higher than what the human ear is capable of adapting, to make out sensible interpretation through the relay to the brain through the auditory pathway. The effects of noise can be described as chronic or acute. The chronic effects develop over…

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