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Microplastic Research Paper 

Plastic Pollution

Words: 1895 (8 pages)

Since the microplastic crisis in the earth’s oceans presents dangerous health concerns to humans and marine life, humans must significantly reduce the amount of plastics in their lives. More than 8 million tons of plastics are dumped into the ocean on a yearly basis (“Microplastics a Threat”). Rick Noack, an author for the Washington Post…

The Problem with Plastic


Plastic Pollution

Words: 544 (3 pages)

There is no doubt that we have a plastic problem, take a walk down any stretch of beach and you will almost guaranteed find a plastic bottle or straw or some kind of plastic litter. According to some sources the amount of plastic in the ocean is 18 billion pounds (Howard). Luckily people are becoming…

Cons of Plastic Water Bottles Baysinger

Plastic Pollution

Words: 4212 (17 pages)

¨Environmental activist and marine wildlife conservation¨ I choose this quote because I felt that people have evolved over time along with plastic water bottles without thinking about what the outcome was going to be. Over the years we’ve had a mass production of plastic water bottle and how its been so easy to access them…

Oklahoma Should Ban Plastic Bags

Plastic Ban

Plastic Pollution

Words: 557 (3 pages)

Plastic bags have been used for decades, whether it is to carry groceries or wet clothes. At a glance, plastic bags seemed like the best option since paper bags easily tear. However, plastic bags can be harmful to animals and humans. While there are a few benefits to using plastic bags, the negative effects it…

The Alarming Problem of Single-Use Plastics, Concerning the Earth’s Environment and the Future 

Plastic Pollution

Words: 1904 (8 pages)

Introduction “There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.” says environmentalist Annie Leonard. What happens to waste when one throws it out? Some of the natural trash biodegrades, the other is not that simple. Unnatural materials, such as plastic, take years to biodegrade, and by the rate…

How to Reduce the Plastic Around the World

Plastic Pollution

Words: 465 (2 pages)

Plastic is an amazing invention around the world, it is light, cheap, and convenient. Nowadays, it can be used in most areas in our daily life. However, sometimes it is not good for us. How many plastic products we use every year, how much we produce, how much we waste and how dangerous these will…

Should We Rely More on Hemp Plastic

Plastic Pollution

Words: 1156 (5 pages)

In the past few years, we, the people, have been talking more and more about the environmental issues we are facing, as well as climate change. Some have taken action to combat these issues, such as reducing the amount of energy and polluting products they use, reusing certain products to lessen waste, and recycling materials…

Plastic is a Big Issue in a World

Plastic Pollution

Words: 1590 (7 pages)

Our extent use of plastic is rapidly rising to become one earth’s biggest concerns. Because plastic has always been so cheap and convenient, we have come to a point where this magical piece of technology has invaded our world with more plastic than we can imagine. As we continue to grow as a population, so…

Urges to Bring Technology to Scrap Industry to Create Real Ocean Plastic Solution

Plastic Pollution

Words: 586 (3 pages)

Scrap Industry is the second but important part of the puzzle for Ocean cleanup. As the news of new grant from U.S. State Department for support of new incubator network for Ocean Protection spreads, the Scrap industry feels the greens of it all over. Circulate and SecondMuse are leading the effort with Ocean Conservancy and…

Plastic Waste Contributions From Land Into the Sea

Plastic Ban

Plastic Pollution

Water Pollution

Words: 1849 (8 pages)

We have seemed to fall into a lifestyle of comfort, ease, and convenience, where disposable is a better choice than reusable. Ask yourself would you rather finish your drink in a plastic bottle and throw it away or drink from a reusable container and have to wash it? Chances are you answered you would rather…

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What is plastic pollution?

Plastic pollution occurs when plastic items are released into the environment, disrupting existing ecosystems in various ways. These pollutants degrade the ecosystem and have a harmful impact on various living animals and their habitats.

When plastic items build up in the environment, they begin to pose a threat to wildlife, humans, and other living things. They generate environments that are unsuitable for healthy life and optimal development. This is essentially what is meant by the term “plastic pollution.”

Plastic pollution is identical to any other form of environmental deterioration, with the exception that the primary pollutants are comprised of plastic.

When the correct steps are put in place, it can be avoided and the impacts can be mitigated. To understand how deadly this form of pollution is, we must first understand what plastic is and what it is comprised of.

Common Causes of Plastic Pollution

1. Shopping plastic bags: When you buy something from a store, it’s likely that it’ll come in a plastic bag. The majority of them are thermoplastics manufactured in enormous quantities. When these plastics have been used, they are normally thrown away or abandoned because your purchases will be packaged in new plastic bags the next time you visit the store. Because many individuals shop on a regular basis, the amount of plastic bags brought into the environment grows at a faster rate. Because most of the plastics are cheap and thin, they can only be used a few times before tearing. These shopping bags are significant polluters of the environment, and they are frequently thrown around.

2. Plastic Toys: The majority of toys are made of plastic. This is frequently done as a precaution because children might easily damage themselves when playing with metallic objects. As we all know, these young boys aren’t the most responsible of individuals, and the toys are frequently ruined shortly after purchase. A child can go through a lot of toys in a month unless the parent simply allows him or her to play with the broken one. There are also companies who sell cereals and incorporate free toys as part of their marketing strategy. Parents feel obligated to purchase them because they include gifts for the children. When all of these factors are considered, we have ecosystems brimming with plastic toys and no way to properly dispose of them. The next step is pollution of the environment.

3. Pet Bottles: Pet bottles are another significant source of pollution from plastic. Typically, these bottles are used for feeding or medication administration. They are replaced on a regular basis or when the one in use becomes broken. The broken bottles are subsequently discarded, and they end up damaging the environment in some way. Plastic feeding plates or troughs are available in addition to feeding bottles.

4. Failure to recycle: Another important source of plastic pollution is the failure to recycle or reuse plastic items. As previously said, someone will use a plastic bag once and then discard it, knowing that she will obtain a new one on her next shopping trip. As a result, there are a lot of plastic papers in the environment. It doesn’t help that garbage collection companies don’t encourage their customers to separate recyclable waste from non-recyclable waste. One of the main reasons why plastic pollution is such a major concern around the world is because it appears that the larger the world population grows, the more serious the problem becomes.

5. Using Plastic Disposables: The main offenders are those who organize parties and use plastic disposable cups, plates, forks, and knives. They make work easier by eliminating the need to wash cutlery after the party, but they are also bad for the environment. After the celebration, these plastic disposables are frequently thrown away, resulting in plastic pollution in a variety of ways.

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How does plastic harm the environment essay?
It ruins the fertility of the soil. In addition to this, various disease-carrying insects collect in that area, causing deadly illnesses. Most importantly, plastic pollution harms the Marine life. The plastic litter in the water is mistaken for food by the aquatic animals. Read More:
What is plastic pollution Class 3?
Plastic pollution is a build-up of synthetic plastic products that negatively affect natural habitats for humans and wildlife. ... Plastic is nearly impossible to break down, winds up in landfills, and the ocean where it adversely affects marine life. Read More:

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