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Developmental Psychologist Jean Piaget and His Work


Words: 2346 (10 pages)

This paper revolves around psychologist Jean Piaget and his work. While swaying from the personal to the professional sides of the Swiss psychologist, the research touches on key influences that inspired young Piaget to become such a driven and well respected psychologist. However, the most extensive part of this paper is the explanation of his…

How to Become a Clinical Psychologist in Malaysia


Words: 4519 (19 pages)

Before discussing on the requirements and personal attributes of a clinical psychologist, I would like to provide some insights and information regarding clinical psychology and clinical psychologist in Malaysia. I will also introduce more about Dr. Alvin Ng, who provided most of the information in my process in completing this particular assignment. What is Clinical…

Research of Psychologist John Gottman


Words: 932 (4 pages)

John Gottman is a psychologist and marriage researcher who conducted a study that could accurately predict 90% of the time whether a marriage would fail or not. His research showed that for successful marriages there was a 5:1 positive to negative ratio which means for every one negative action, you must have 5 positive actions…

Why do psychologist do experiments


Words: 1200 (5 pages)

Why do psychologists do experiments? Psychology is very hard to define due to it’s very nature and the wide range of topics that it covers. No two books will give exactly the same definition of ‘psychology’ or what subject matter it covers. However most definitions would suggest psychology to be the ‘scientific study of behaviour…

Wilhelm Wundt: Psychologist Childhood, Family Education, Theories




Words: 1880 (8 pages)

BACKGROUND Wilhelm Wundt turned into a brand new physician who located the principles of modern-day day psychology. Earlier psychology was regarded a subject of philosophy but Wundt converted the idea and accessible psychology as a wonderful department of technological know-how. After finishing his research in medicine, he launched into an academic profession. It turned into…

Type 3 writing assignment

Clinical Psychology

Health Care


Words: 817 (4 pages)

Human service workers and criminal justice system Student Name: Instructor: College: Coo rise: Date In the given case there is argument whether human service workers can provide psychotherapy treatment to the people. Because the social workers may have good intention for helping the needy people but at the same time they are not professional in…

Which Parenting Style Is Preferred By Child Psychologists?




Words: 274 (2 pages)

Parenting styles vary in two dimensions; level of control and the level of warmth and support. The first parenting style is authoritarian. This style is characterized by high level of control, shown through anger, and low level of support. These parents tend to be very strict, controlling, demanding, and unforgiving. Children of such parents typically…

Psychologists Hermann Ebbinghaus



Words: 1032 (5 pages)

Ebbinghaus 2 During the late 1800’s a new science was emerging in Europe. Psychology’s roots can be traced back to Germany and a man by the name of William Wunt. Following Wunt other psychologists began emerging in different fields. Of these pioneers Herman Ebbinghaus was one, and his field of study was memory. He performed…

American Psychologist and Behaviorism



Words: 1450 (6 pages)

Learning helps us to improve our own personal ND social well being, most importantly its helps up to develop our economic world, to improve the lives of those in the underdeveloped worlds. We have an obligation to future generations to continue the work began centuries ago to develop, expand our minds and push out the…

Piaget’s Sensorimotor Stage of Cognitive Development

Child Development


Jean Piaget

Words: 822 (4 pages)

Child psychologist, Jean Piaget, believed that a person understands whatever information fits into his established view of the world. Piaget described four stages of cognitive development and related them to a person’s ability to understand. The Sensorimotor Stage occurs from birth to 2 years. It is during this stage that the child learns about his…

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