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Culture is something that identifies us. which tells us who we are or where we come from. There’re different civilizations in the universe. people come from different backgrounds. which they mix and interact. In many occasions the mix of civilizations can convey discontent or felicity to each person. “Coca-Cola and Coco Frio” negotiations about a male child who goes to Puerto Rico looking for something new. something that he had ne’er seen or tasted before. Puerto Rican Culture. However. he founds that the people of this island is losing their ain civilization by accommodating another one.

The verse form begins when the male child seemingly first introduce to a different civilization. to a different state. Puerto Rico. However. the male child is award with a civilization that he already knows or at least a portion of it – in this instance Coca Cola. The verse form tells us that he is from Brooklyn. Therefore. we can easy presume that he is non amaze by the welcome he’s receiving ; at least non by the method or manner to quiet his thirst. Every male child love surprises. the unknown. the unpredictable. things that forces their head and largely that conveying happy results. However. his letdown is augmented. For case. after having the sodium carbonate his discontent is preserved by his aunt who sings a jangle in a different linguistic communication.

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A good illustration is showed in the verse form “…a fat male child wandered// from tabular array to table// with his oral cavity unfastened. At every tabular array. some great-aunt// would maneuver him with cool spotted hands// to a glass of Coca-Cola” . It is really clear that the male child is unhappy with his first feeling of the island. It appears that at this same minute the male child merely will instead travel back place since there is no new event or incident occurrence is this island that is new to him.

Following. things turn about because the male child discovers a large portion of pure Puerto Rican civilization. Harmonizing to the verse form. the male child saw a base off the beach where they were selling Coco Frio. At this point it seems that there’s hope for this boy’s campaign for something new. As a consequence. the boy finds himself basking this natural drink. It wasn’t until this point that the child realizes that he’s in Puerto Rico. He realizes how different this topographic point is. natural and beautiful. At this minute the male child is happy ; he’s basking his Cocos nucifera milk. Even though the drink will merely last few proceedingss. the esthesis and the memories will ever remain with him. The writer seems to be depicting a childhood memory. an of import 1. As people grow up. they don’t retrieve every thing from when we were childs. However. merely those of import memories or experiences will remain with us ; particularly those things that either brought us a high grade of felicity or letdowns. For case. the verse form references that old ages subsequently the male child is still believing about the incident. the escapade that changed his manner of seeing a different civilization.

This narrative uses irony. For illustration. in the last stanza the writer uses irony to show to the Puerto Ricans that they are incorrect. when they let themselves to be influenced by another civilization alternatively of altering what they have in their ain civilization. In “Coca-Cola and Coco Frio. ” the people of that state are shown as ignorant because they don’t know what sort of good material they have in their ain state. Alternatively of imbibing their ain drink. “Coco Frio. ” they prefer to imbibe an imported merchandise. “Coca-Cola. ” Another good sample is when the writer refers to the jangles from World War II. Coca Cola was a really popular imbibe that clip of unhappiness and killing. As a consequence. the writer is presenting the message that Puerto Rico prefers a Coca Cola than a natural drink. which comes from the island and doesn’t represent any war. A great support is given to the claim that states how Puerto Ricans are fring their ain civilization by accommodating another one.

“Coca Cola and Coco Frio” is a really pleasant verse form. Personally brought me some memories and helped me recognize how of import civilization is. It showed me how of import is to recognize who we are and largely to ne’er alter our personality. The one thing I got from the author’s point of position. it is that he is stating that the people of this island are accommodating a corrupt civilization. Possibly they’re. possibly they’re non ; nevertheless. one thing is for certain and that is that they don’t recognize how of import civilization is.

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