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Was The Reign Of Terror Justified

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This paper will argue that. The reign of Terror was not justifies d this claim can be supported by three main reasons the threats to the government weren’t big enough, the methods did not justify it, and the actions Of the government contradicted the ideals of the revolution. Starting off, the Reign of terror was not justified because none of the threats t the government were not big enough to justify such drastic action. One of the claims made by France was that they were under constant attack by Austrian and Pr Gaussian roofs.

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Was The Reign Of Terror Justified
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This claim couldn’t be further from the truth as the attacks ended in S better 1792 were as the Reign of Terror started in January 1793 (Doc C). Another claim m the government made was the exaggeration of the Vended revolution. The Vended revolution was merely made up of just peaceful demonstrations (Doc C). All of this shows that the Reign of Terror was not justified by the threats to the French g overspent because they were not big enough to even affect France.

Following this, a second reason the Reign of Terror was not justified were the ethos of the government used were too extreme.

One of the methods use d was the guillotine to kill people. Killing 40,000 people by the guillotine can never be jus defied (Doc F). Other methods used was the use of spies on the French people. This system of spies would get people in trouble and even death for just speaking out gaga nest the government (Doc E). This kind of behavior by the government is never justify blew. This evidence shows that the Reign of Terror was not justified because the method s the government used on the French people were beyond extreme by letting an in Anne amount of people die.

Finally, the Reign of Terror was not justified when it came to how the actions of the government contradicted their own enlightenment ideas. One instance of this is their enlightenment ideas states that all people are held innocent until proven guilt Y (DOC A). This idea was heavily contradicted when the government killed the accused WI thou allowing them to have a lava. N. Year and not using actual evidence (Doc E). Another enlightenment idea that was contradicted by the government was not silencing g anyone eased on their opinions or religious views(Doc A).

This again was contradicted when they beheaded people who spoke against the government (Doc E). In conclusion, the opposite argument could be made about the Reign of Terror For example one might say although the Reign of Terror did abolish a govern meet and give power to the people, the methods and reasoning behind the Reign of Term ROR were not justified. The methods used by the government, the threats to the govern meet , and the contradiction of the enlightenment ideas of the government did not justify y the Reign of terror.

The so called threats the government claims to have had were nothing Eng but pity lies. The disgusting methods used by the government from killing 40,000 Poe pale to having a network of spies on the French people can never be accepted. Their own enlightenment ideas by which they supposedly abide by get contradicted and instead are thrown out the window, as they slaughter people convicted without even a proper trial. In the end none of what the government did in the Reign of Terror mea reasonable sense at all and had no evidence to support the kind of behavior t hey committed.

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