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Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation


Research methods



Scientific method

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AMU/The History of Science Although not the first, Australia has one of the leading agencies for scientific research, education, and advancement. In the nineteenth century Australia developed agriculture and industry as a new nation among the world’s nations. However, after World War I, Australia found a need for more organization to the scientific research of…

Designing the Study and Collecting Data

Data collection

Research methods

Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

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When it comes to health science research, there is no such thing as a one size fits all study design. Many study designs exist to accommodate clinical and population health research. Out of the many study designs, eight of them are common in health science research. Research projects may use components from a single design,…

Experiment About Two Types of Variables


Research methods


Scientific method


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In an experiment, researchers measure two types of variables: independent and dependent variables. (a) Which variable is manipulated to create the groups? Independent variable (b) Which variable is measured in each group? Dependent variable 7. Can a nominal variable be numeric? Explain. Yes. Just as described in the textbook (Page 100), numbers on a nominal…

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