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How the Five Rites Operate The Five Rites Program Get downing the “Five Rites” Exercise Program “Five Tibetan Rites” Exercise Program The Five Tibetan Rites Preparation Exercises Alternatives Warm-up Exercises Tibetan Rejuvenation Rite # 6 restricted exercising Rite # 6 Detoxification

Precaution: Seek your physician’s advice before get downing this plan if you have any of the undermentioned conditions – gestation. recent abdominal surgery. direct high blood force per unit area. hiatal hernia. hernia. thyrotoxicosis. dizziness. ictus upset. terrible arthritis of the spinal column. lower back hurting. cervix hurting. weak abdominal musculuss. shoulder or leg stiffness or failing. multiple induration. Parkinson’s disease. fibromyositis. carpal tunnel syndrome. chronic fatigue syndrome. To remain everlastingly immature is possibly the dream of every bosom. We are sharing this information in the supreme of involvements and unfeignedly hope that worlds will profit from the pattern of the five rites. In 1985 CE a book entitled The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth written by Peter Kelder was published which for the first clip to the full described an exercising plan for “youthing. ” This is an exercising plan used by Tibetan monastics to populate long. vibrant and healthy lives. In fact. this book states that many have lived longer than most are capable of conceive ofing by following the plan frequently called the “Five Tibetan Rites” .

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The benefits are described in this book and a subsequent book 2 with an expanded description of the plan by the publishing house entitled the Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth – Book 2. a comrade to the original book by Peter Kelder. The Tibetan Rites of greening are believed to hold been brought to the United States of America by a British Naval officer in the 1930’s CE. A “best merchandising book” “The Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth. ” is about this adult male and his narrative brought information on the exercisings and their rejuvenating effects to the United States of America. The exercisings are thought to work on the charkas. or energy centres of the organic structure. They help to reconstruct the normal spin of the chakras. which in bend helps to reconstruct vivacious wellness. For more information on the Tibetan Rites. their history and benefits delight see the books below. Get down with 1-5 repeats of each exercising. Add 2 repeats each hebdomad or as you consider yourself ready to. Work up to a sum of 21 repeats of each exercising. For greatest consequences perform day-to-day.

The Tibet exercisings are so easy it is amusing. They are a series of five exercisings that take about 10-15 proceedingss to finish. that everyone is capable of larning in a few proceedingss. and are capable of being done anyplace where there’s adequate infinite to lie down. Each exercising is done 21 times. and you are non required to keep the place as you would in Hatha yoga. You combine deep external respiration with the motions. The first exercising is non even an “exercise” as it merely involves turning around in a circle. In the 2nd “rite” you lay down. raise your leg in the air. maintaining your mentum on your thorax. The 3rd rite is a back stretching exercising. The 4th one is making the “bridge. ” and the 5th 1 is a regular. bending. typical yoga exercising. We are non certain it these rites originate from Tibet. or anyplace else. The lone factors required for them to work are: To pattern them everyday To execute 21 repeats for each exercising It is recommended that a certain patterned advance be carried out when get downing the five Tibetan rites. We suggest practising each rite three times a twenty-four hours for the first hebdomad. Then. with every following hebdomad. to increase the repeat by two. until. after 10 hebdomads. you are executing 21 repeats for every rite.

The end is to execute 21 repeats for every rite. and do the series one time or twice a twenty-four hours. One point that we perceive is of import to retrieve is that the rites work in concurrence with each other. So it is of import to make all of them. Performing the five rites with 21 repeats each will take you from 10 to 20 proceedingss. You will hold more good consequences if you choose to pattern the rites easy without hotfooting. and if you breath profoundly mediate the rites. It is besides critically of import to unite take a breathing with the motion. There is non any point in executing the rites as fast as possible. However. if you do non comprehend that you have much clip. you are capable of merely executing fewer repeats. Note. Many people have found that making more than 21 repeats is non utile. Twenty-one repeats seem to be the allimportant figure when making these rites.

Besides is utile to pattern the exercisings at the same clip everyday. This manner you will acquire used to the modus operandi and you will implement a new beat in your lives. In is besides healthier to pattern the exercisings on an empty tummy. We hold that a good clip to pattern the rites is in the forenoon. after of before taking a shower. You will happen that practising the five Tibetans in the forenoon will do you to see being more energetic and fresh during the remainder of the twenty-four hours. You will besides see greater mental watchfulness during your day-to-day activities. You may besides happen great benefits in executing the five Tibetans another clip. before the eventide. when most of you arrive to your places. It will help you in sing yourself as healthier for the remainder of the twenty-four hours. and better the quality of your slumber.

How the Five Rites Operate Medical professions explain the benefits based on their personal position. However. the bulk portions the position that the rites represent a system of exercising that affects the organic structure. emotions and head. The Tibetans claim that these exercisings activate and stimulate what are understood of as the seven cardinal chakras that in bend stimulate all the secretory organs of the hormone system. The hormone system is responsible for the body’s overall operation and aging procedure. This means that the Five Rites will impact the operation of all your variety meats and systems. including the physical and energetic systems and that includes the aging procedure. The Five Rites Program Many have described this plan as a modified yoga plan. Simply put. yoga is a scientific discipline that unites the organic structure. head and spirit. Today this is frequently called Mind/ Body Healing. It is perceived that yoga was brought to Tibet from India in the 11th or 12th century CE and that Tibetan monastics over clip developed modified these exercisings and developed an effectual plan of exercisings that western society now refers to as the “Five Tibetan Rites” .

The rugged cragged conditions these monastics live in may good account for their peculiar accent on energy. Many of the yoga exercisings and patterns being taught in the western universe today are really new. The “Five Tibetan Rites” are precisely what the antediluvian Tibetans developed over many centuries of clip. Therefore it is really of import to make the “Five Tibetan Rites” precisely as they are presented without changing the signifier or sequence to accomplish some of the benefits accrued to these “Rites. ” Get downing the “Five Rites” Exercise Program For the first hebdomad. and merely if you are comparatively healthy and fit. make each exercising three times. If you are inactive. corpulence. or have perceived wellness jobs begin these exercisings making one of the first three each twenty-four hours. and merely if you experience being wholly comfy making this. Subsequently in this. we will depict exercisings you will be capable of executing to help yourself in beef uping as that you will be capable of executing the “Five Rites. ” If you have any concerns whatsoever. delight consult with your doctor. Persons on serious medicines ought to confer with with their doctors.

If you are fleshy bashs non make Rites # 4 and # 5 until you have developed some strength and endurance. Make the replacements for # 4 and # 5 until you yourself see yourself as ready to get down executing # 4 and # 5 of the “Five Rites. ” Do merely what you sense as comfortable in making. That may be merely one of each exercising for the first hebdomad. Construct up to two of each exercising the 2nd hebdomad. three of each exercising the 3rd hebdomad. etc. or at a faster gait merely if your organic structure does non ache when you do these exercisings. 21 is the upper limit of each exercising you ought to of all time make. If you want to heighten your plan. make the exercisings at a faster gait. though do non so more than 21 of each exercising each twenty-four hours. Making more than 21 repeats of each exercising in any twenty-four hours will impact your chakras unconstructively and is capable of making instabilities in your organic structure. The “Five Rites” may excite detoxification and frequently creates many unpleasant physical symptoms. This is why it is recommended to increase the figure of each exercising bit by bit on a hebdomadal footing.

If you have non exercised for some clip. prepare to get down your “Five Rites” exercising plan by walking daily. for a half hr each twenty-four hours if possible. Another option in readying for the Five Rites is a stretching plan with a gradual addition in the types of stretching exercisings and the continuance of this plan. A sugar free and low fat diet is an of import support when incorporating the “Five Rites” exercising plan into your life. Besides cheque for Digestive Food Sensitivities and extinguish all nutrients you do non digest easy. Make the Five Rites exercisings every twenty-four hours. The upper limit you ought to lose is one twenty-four hours each hebdomad. If the exercisings are done less than six yearss each hebdomad. the consequences will be greatly reduced. If on certain yearss your clip is limited. make 3 repeats of each exercising. This takes less than five proceedingss. For maximal benefit. make the exercisings before breakfast in the forenoon. if at all possible.

If this is non possible do them anytime during the twenty-four hours. “Five Tibetan Rites” Exercise Program The undermentioned instructions and exposure for the “Five Rites” and other preparatory exercisings as taken from the book Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth. Book 2. We will exemplify the exact Five Rights exercises. a group of exercisings for those who require developing flexibleness and strength before get downing to make the “Five Rites” . and a set of warm-up exercisings. We strongly recommend you choose to buy the book since it provides elaborate information about methodological analysis. concerns and benefits non included on this page. Particular Caution: Spinning and stretching through the undermentioned exercisings are capable of worsening certain wellness conditions such as any type of bosom job. multiple induration. Parkinson’s Disease. terrible arthritis of the spinal column. uncontrolled high blood force per unit area. a hyperthyroid status. or dizziness. Problems may besides be consequence if you are devouring drugs that result in giddiness. Please confer with your physician anterior to get downing these exercisings if you have any hard wellness issues or if you have any other concerns.

The Five Tibetan Rites Rite # 1

Stand erect with weaponries outstretched horizontal to the floor. thenars confronting down. Your weaponries ought to be in line with your shoulders. Spin around clockwise until you become somewhat giddy. Gradually increase figure of spins from 1 spin to 21 spins. At first most grownups will be able to whirl around merely about half a twelve times before going rather giddy. As a novice you ought non to try to make more. Breathing: Inhale and exhale deeply as you do the spins.

Rite # 2

Lie level on the floor face up. Fully extend your weaponries along your sides and topographic point the thenars of your custodies against the floor. maintaining fingers near together. Then raise your caput off the floor inserting your mentum into your thorax. As you do this. raise your legs. articulatio genuss directly. into a perpendicular place. If possible. widen the legs over the organic structure towards your caput. Do non allow the articulatio genuss bend. Then easy lower the legs and caput to the floor. ever maintaining the articulatio genuss directly. Let the musculuss to loosen up. and repetition. Breathing: Breathe in profoundly as you lift your caput and legs and exhale as you lower your caput and legs. Rite # 3

Kneel on the floor with the organic structure erect. The custodies should be placed on the dorsums of your thigh musculuss. Tend the caput and cervix frontward. inserting your mentum in against your thorax. Then throw the caput and cervix rearward. curving the spinal column. Your toes should be curled under through this exercising. As you arch. you will poise your weaponries and custodies against the thighs for support. After the curving return your organic structure to an vertical place and get down the rite all over once more. Breathing: Inhale as you arch the spinal column and exhale as you return to an vertical place. Rite # 4

Sit down on the floor with your legs straight out in forepart of you and your pess about 12? apart. With the bole of the organic structure erect. topographic point the thenars of your custodies on the floor alongside your natess. Then tuck the chin forward against the thorax. Now drop the caput backward every bit far as it will travel. At the same clip raise your organic structure so that the articulatio genuss bend while the weaponries remain directly. Then tense every musculus in your organic structure. Finally allow the musculuss relax as you return to your original seated place. Rest before reiterating this Rite. Breathing: Breathe in as you rise up. keep your breath as you tense the musculuss. and breathe out to the full as you come down. Rite # 5

Lie down with your face down to the floor. The custodies palms down against the floor and the toes in the flexed place will back up you. Throughout this rite. the custodies and pess ought to be kept directly. Get down with your weaponries perpendicular to the Floor. and the spinal column arched. so that the organic structure is in a drooping place. Now throw the caput back every bit far as possible. The. bending at the hips. convey the organic structure up into an upside-down “V. ” At the same clip. convey the chin forward. inserting it against the thorax. Breathing: Breathe in profoundly as you raise the organic structure. and exhale to the full as you lower the organic structure.

Exercises In Preparation For Making the Five Tibetan Rites The following group of exercisings has been developed as a readying for making the Five Rites. or as an option when you are unable to make any of the Five Rites. Making these exercisings will help you in beef uping and go more flexible to be able to make the Five Rites as they have been described above. Make these alternative exercisings in the sequence from one to five and when possible. replace the Five Rite exercising into this alternate plan until you have to the full integrated the Five Rites. As with the Five Rites. get down by making two or three of each exercising daily. until you are able to make 10 each twenty-four hours. Once you are able to make 10s of these options. you ought to be ready to get down making the Five Rite exercises themselves. Alternative ( for Rite # 1 ) Exercise # 1

Stand with your pess about 12 inches apart. Widen your weaponries palms down until your weaponries are flat with your shoulders. Swinging your weaponries to the right. allowing your slapping your left manus against your right shoulder. with your right manus slapping against the little of your dorsum. Then swing your weaponries in the opposite way. holding your right manus smacks against your left shoulder and the dorsum of your left manus smack against the little of your dorsum. As you swing back and forth let your trunk and legs to follow the motion. Let your heels to raise from the floor but do non let either pes to wholly go forth the floor. As you swing right turn your caput right. and turn your caput left as you swing to the left. Breathing: Breathe in beat to your singing Movement. Alternative ( for Rite # 2 ) Exercise # 2

Lie down on the floor and promote your caput and shoulders shore uping up on your cubituss maintaining your forearms flat on the floor. thenars confronting down. Keeping your legs directly. keep them off the floor for 20 or 30 seconds. Breathing: Inhale as you raise your legs. breathe in and out usually while keeping your legs up. and exhale as you lower your legs. Alternative ( for Rite # 3 ) Exercise # 3

Stand with your dorsum to the wall and your pess 12 – 18 inches apart. Without traveling your pess bend frontward from the hips so that your natess rest against the wall. Slide downward. flexing your articulatio genuss as you go. Keep skiding down until your thighs are horizontal. as if you were sitting in a chair. Keep this place for 15 seconds and so skid back up.

Breathing: Get down to expire as you slide down to the chair place and inhale when slide back up. Alternative ( for Rite # 4 ) Exercise # 4

Lie level on your dorsum. your weaponries directly. handle down. pess level. and knees set. Press your pelvis up a few inches off the floor and keep it for 10 seconds. Release and lower your pelvic girdle to its original place. Breathing: Inhale as you lift your pelvic girdle and Exhale as you lower your pelvic girdle.

Alternative ( for Rite # 5 ) Exercise # 5

Get down in the table place. Curl your toes under and flex your hips raising your natess so that your organic structure forms an upside-down “V” . Your articulatio genuss will raise up off the floor. your legs will be straight. and your outstretched weaponries will be in a consecutive line with your dorsum. Keep this place for 15 seconds. Breathing: Inhale as you raise your natess. breath easy and profoundly while keeping the place. and exhale as you return to the table place. Warm-up Exercises The following group of exercisings has been developed to open. relax. release tenseness. to beef up assorted parts of the organic structure. and to supply chanting to different parts of your organic structure. If you are fleshy. in hapless physical status. or sing serious unwellness. this group of exercisings is an first-class to assist you get down your journey towards physical fittingness. We suggest you do these tune-up exercises prior to the Five Rites if you are fleshy or have non exercised in a long clip. Get down this group of exercisings by making 2 of each exercising and so bit by bit increase the repeat until you are able to make 10 of each warm-up exercising. Warm-Up Exercise # 1

Stand vertical. lean your caput sideways towards your feminine ( left ) shoulder and keep it for five seconds. so lean your caput towards your thorax and keep it 5 seconds. Then lean your caput towards your masculine ( right ) shoulder and keep it five seconds. and in conclusion lean your caput backward and keep it five seconds. Return your caput to a normal place. Breathing: Exhale as you move your caput around. and inhale as you return to the unsloped place. Warm-Up Exercise # 2

Stand perpendicular. easy revolve your shoulders in a forward round gesture 5 times. so change by reversal the motion and revolve your shoulders in a backward round gesture 5 times. Breathing: Breathe usually though profoundly as you do this exercising. Warm-Up Exercise # 3

Stand perpendicular with your weaponries help up. your elbows set. and your custodies together in forepart of your thorax. with your fingertips touching and thenars apart. Press inward on your fingers until their inside surfaces are about touching. Your thenars ought to non be touching. Release and press your fingers once more. Breathing: Breathe usually. Warm-Up Exercise # 4

In a relaxed standing place. keep your weaponries in forepart of you. Clasp your masculine ( right ) manus around your feminine ( left ) carpus. with your pollex against the interior of the carpus. Squeeze gently though steadfastly five times. Repeat the process with the feminine ( left ) manus Squashing the masculine ( right ) carpus. Breathing: Breathe usually. Warm-Up Exercise # 5

Recline on the floor. resting the upper portion of your organic structure on your upper weaponries. Flex your articulatio genuss and rhythmically slam them up and down against the floor in rapid sequence.

Your heels ought to on the floor throughout this exercising. Make this exercising for 20 – 30 seconds. Breathing: Breathe usually through this exercising. Warm-Up Exercise # 6

Get down on the floor on your custodies and articulatio genuss with your custodies positioned under your shoulders and your articulatio genuss under your hips. Bring your mentum up and revolve your hips as that the tailbone moves up. curving your back down. Then insert your mentum into your thorax and revolve your back so that your pelvic girdle moves down. curving your back down. Breathing: Inhale as you move your tailbone up and exhale as you move your tailbone down. Tibetan Rejuvenation Rite # 6 restricted exercising The series of Five Tibetan exercises described above is capable of being practiced two or three times a twenty-four hours mundane during the full life-time. In contrast. the undermentioned exercising. harmonizing to the Tibetan Lamas. has a really particular intent and it ought to be practiced merely in fortunes described below. If you are non certain. and do non pattern the first five exercisings on a regular basis. make non pattern this exercising. You have been warned.

The deemed intent of the Tibetan # 6 exercising is to airt the surplus of sexual and generative energy. generated by the activity of the what is perceived of as being the base chakra ( besides referred to as whirls ) to all higher chakras along the spinal column. particularly to the forehead chakra. which activity is related to our religious consciousness and psychic abilities. Harmonizing to Lamas this exercising ought to be practiced merely when the surplus of the sexual impulse is experienced. otherwise this exercising does more injury than benefit. by run outing the energy from the base chakra. By consistently practising the first five Tibetan exercisings it is rather possible to raise the energy of the base chakra so much. that the sexual impulse appears and requires to be dealt with. This is capable of go oning at any age. One manner to manage the state of affairs is to disperse this powerful energy in sexual activities.

The Tibetan option is to transform it to higher usage. to speed up your religious development and rejuvenate the physical organic structure. Alternatively of dispersing the generative energy you may take to utilize it to renew cells in your full physical organic structure. The pick is yours ; you have the free picks. as ever. Sometimes one may happen in their lives that sexual activity without sincere love and a spiritually matched spouse is similar to traveling to a wood and non seeing trees. Sexual love in its clearest signifier brings about a religious brotherhood. conveying experiences and esthesiss far more profound. enjoyable. longer permanent and good than merely a physical act of alleviation. In the absence of a spouse that you are capable of accomplishing this with. Tibetan Lamas offer you the alternate. verified over many 1000s of old ages to be non merely effectual. though besides really good to your entire wellness. length of service. bio-energy degree. Aura and most significantly to your religious development.

They do non try to stamp down the powerful energy of the base chakra. Such suppression is destined to neglect. much as any act against the Nature. They offer an efficient manner to transform it for the higher intent. Rite # 6 Tibetan # 6 differs in many ways from all of the antecedently described Tibetan exercisings. 1st – it is one of the easiest to execute from the physical organic structure gesture point of position. barely necessitating any diagram. 2nd- it involves a particular breath control. necessitating a drawn-out retention of the breath. instead than take a breathing rhythmically. 3rd – after each rhythm of Tibetan # 6 several rhythms of deep external respiration are required. Another difference is that no more than three repetitions are recommended for most people. The sequence of Tibetan # 6 is as follows: Stand straight and take a breath out wholly

Bend over frontward seting your custodies on your articulatio genuss. coercing out the last hint of air With your lungs empty return to standing consecutive position Put your custodies on your waist and force your shoulders up by pressing down with your custodies. Pull the venters in every bit much as possible and raise your chest. maintaining your lungs empty. Keep this place every bit long as you are capable. with empty lungs Breathe in through the nose until your lungs are full Exhale through the oral cavity. loosen uping weaponries to hang free Take several deep breaths before the following repeat Rite # 6

There is merely one difference between a individual who is healthy and critical. and a individual who is a demigod or superwoman. The former channels critical life force into sexual energy. while the latter turns this force upward to make balance and harmoniousness through all of the seven whirls. That’s why a demigod or superwoman grows younger and younger dayby twenty-four hours and moment-by-moment. He or she creates within them selves the true ‘Elixir of Life. ’ Please understand that in order to execute rite figure six. it is perfectly necessary that an person have active sexual impulse. He or she is non capable of perchance transforming generative energy if there were small or nil to transform. It is perfectly impossible for a individual who has lost sexual impulse to execute this rite.

He or she ought non even to try it. for the ground that it would merely take to discouragement. and more injury than benefit. Alternatively. such an single regardless of age ought to first pattern the other five rites until they regain a normal sexual impulse. When this is achieved. he or she may so travel into the concern of being a demigod or superwoman. Let no adult male or adult female think of turning sexual currents upward until he or she is prepared to go forth physical demands behind in exchange for the wagess of true mastership. Then allow the single measure frontward. and success will coronate his or her every attempt.

Detoxification Detoxification comes in many signifiers and refers to many different coders that cleanse the organic structure of toxins. Today. the environment is toxic and the nutrients that humans eat. even the air humans breathe and the H2O worlds drink is loaded with chemicals foreign to the human system. Detoxification is a procedure that assists to clean out of the physical and energetic organic structure toxins or toxicants that have accumulated in your physical cells. variety meats. systems and in your energetic systems ( auras. chakras. meridian system and all electromagnetic. magnetic and electric systems ) . It is strongly urge that people get downing the “Five Rites” exercising plan undertake a detoxification plan either earlier or as they begin these exercisings. If you have non of all time detoxified before. you will likely hold many toxicants accumulated in your organic structure and energetic systems. A full detoxification plan will extinguish all toxins. See Detoxification page. A 3 to 7 twenty-four hours juice fast is the most brilliant manner to let go of toxins. A moderate fast cleanses the organic structure of extra mucose. old faecal affair. trapped cellular affair and non-food wastes.

It cleans out the pipes as the makeup of the cells are renewed and changed. Fasting is a procedure of autolysis. The organic structure decomposes dis-eased and damaged substances such as extra fat sedimentations and wastes. Elimination from the liver. kidneys. lungs and tegument is accelerated and the imbibing of merely unrecorded juices are capable of pulling dead affair and carry it off. The release of toxins may do brief periods of uncomfortableness: weariness. organic structure olfactory property. bad breath. diarrhoea or oral cavity sores. Though the benefits are long lasting. Digestion improves and the releases of endocrine secernments stimulate the immune system. promoting a disease-preventing environment. Typically after a cleaning fast energy degrees rise. and one’s mentality and attitude is greatly enhanced. Warning: Sing all of the above. the most of import factor that a individual is capable of making for his or her general wellness is to get down instantly on a plan of detoxification which. in our sentiment. ought to be done under the supervising of an experient doctor practising nutritionary medical specialty.

Albany Qigong and all teachers shall hold neither liability nor duty to any individual or entity with regard to loss or harm caused. or alleged to be caused. straight or indirectly. by reading or following the instructions on this web site or at Albany Qigong’s locations. Qigong pattern is non intended to replace Orthodox medical specialty. but instead complement it. You should inquire your physician before get downing any Exercise or Qigong pattern.

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