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My Secret Ambition – To Fly Into Space Sample

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There are two ways to travel into infinite. You can pay $ 200. 000 for a trip. or you can go an astronaut and do scientific researches in infinite birds or in unfastened infinite. Make you cognize how difficult is to go an spaceman? The astronaut calling includes contact with the highest engineerings. known to mankind. the most daring scientific developments and last but non least. a alone experience and epinephrine. To use for NASA. for illustration. you must make full in the appropriate signifier.

which is located on the site of NASA. If you meet the conditions will probably be invited to the one hebdomad interview for different types of trials. If indexs are sufficient good you will voyage in the box “candidate Cosmonaut” . But that is my dream work. so I am prepared to make all the preparation and the immense competition. Every two old ages. NASA announced a list of about 100 work forces and adult females. selected from 1000s of campaigners.

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My Secret Ambition – To Fly Into Space Sample
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If I am one of these. I will be lucky — to follow two old ages of difficult work and preparation in Space Center Houston. During these two old ages I`ll have classs in basic scientific disciplines – mathematics. uranology. natural philosophies and geology.

Of class to go an astronaut I should hold a good physical preparation for endurance in different conditions. deep diving. simulation of micro-gravity. drills in environments with high and low force per unit area. working with infinite suit. I will necessitate to travel and a particular trial for swimmers: three lengths in the 25 metre swimming pool in full equipment. At the terminal of the two old ages developing I will hold the opportunity to be selected for a existent infinite mission and that will be the ground of all those readyings. I truly hope to acquire the aid that I need from Masterclass and acquire the opportunity to have adept tuition from a professional spaceman. So if you are inquiring me why I want to be an astronaut – there`s merely one ground: I don’t want to imbibe recycled H2O from my ain piss and the piss of other crew members.

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