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Essays about Sodium

Determine the formula of hydrated Sodium Carbonate

Na2CO3.x H2O is the formula for hydrated Sodium Carbonate, where x represents the number of water molecules present in the crystals. The first method I will use to determine x, will involve heating the crystals. When the crystals are heated, they readily effloresce to form a white powder, the anhydrous form Na2CO3 1. Hydrated Sodium …

Solubility Curve of Sodium Nitrate

Solubility Curve of Sodium Nitrate Data collection |Temperature (°C) |  |Mass of solute in 5ml (g) |Mass of solute in 100ml (g) | |1st set of data |2nd set of data |Average |  |  | |23. 5 |24. 0 |23. 8 |4. 5 |90. 0 | |31. 0 |29. 0 |30. |5. 0 |100. 0 …

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Bacon, Toast, Sodium Nitrate and Poatasium Bromate

Bacon, Toast, Sodium Nitrate and Potassium Bromate For Breakfast Samuel Martino Have you ever looked at the ingredients on the side of a food package? There is a lot more than the main food in the package. Usually it has real food then several different chemical compounds and preservatives listed behind the real stuff. In …

Preparation of Hot Ice from Sodium Acetate

Preparation of Hot Ice from Sodium Acetate Problem: To prepare Hot Ice using Vinegar and baking soda. Requirements: Transfer pipettes Measuring cylinders 200 ml glass beaker Hot plate Gloves Refrigerator Glass stir rod 16 oz  baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) 1 gallon of distilled vinegar (4% Acetic Acid) Hypothesis: Sodium acetate is the salt formed when …

Preperation and standardization of sodium hydroxide solution

Experiment Eleven: Preparation and Standardization of a Sodium Hydroxide Solution Aim: The purpose of this experiment is to standardize a solution of sodium hydroxide by titration with a primary standard potassium hydrogen phthalate KHP. Materials Used: A pipette, a funnel, NaOH KHP, distilled water, a burette, three beakers, weighing paper, an analytical balance, and distilled …

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