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Obama Education Speech Analysis

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In September of 2008, senator Obama stated in his speech that he would make a beneficial change to the nations education system if elected president of the United States. His speech was effective in stating the main purpose and reaching the intended audience. I stand by every one of Obama’s proposed changes to the education system and it’s importance to our nation. Considering the academic ranking of the United States to other Countries, we can see the lack of attention it is given, and how big of an issue it is becoming.

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Obama Education Speech Analysis
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Obama’s speech points out the current conditions the nations education system is facing that affect our schools, teachers, and students. Obama’s goal was to bring the attention of his audience to a topic that is over seen but needs to be recognized. The future of our nation rests on whether or not our generation receives a proper education. This topic is no doubt intended for educators, parents of students, and taxpayers who care for the education of the younger generation.

This speech was impacted by the situation that education was in during 2008. The employment for teachers at the time was slowly decreasing and college was expensive barely any help from financial aid. All these components helped Obama make his speech effective in promising to make changes in the education system that will better us in the long run. During this time, Barack Obama was senator of Chicago, Illinois, which gives him some credibility on what he promises from his past as senator.

Obama presents himself as a loving parent with children attending school. This creates credibility for parents for what he stated in his speech. He then later supports his purpose even more by presenting statistical data that compares our high school dropout rates to others across the world. As Americans we should be proud to have some of the most beneficial inventions of history.

So to see our education system slowly fall down the drain should have some affect on us to where we want change and Obama’s surely has made Americans want it. It is obvious that is education is important if we want the United States to remain as one of the top countries in the world. Obama promised us to better our education system in his speech, with that he gained all of our trust for us to grant him presidency. Obama surely has won most of the citizen’s trust for any new conflicts we encounter in the future.

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Obama Education Speech Analysis. (2016, Jul 02). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/obama-education-speech-analysis/

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