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Bono employs various rhetorical strategies to elicit inspiration and capture the audience’s attention. His use of vivid and descriptive language allows the audience to envision his collaboration with Larry Summers. Bono utilizes a metaphor to emphasize the challenges encountered while working with Summers, stating, “The religious right started acting like student protesters. And finally, after a floor fight in the House of Representatives, we got the money – four three five million.” The notion that he requires 20,000 individuals chanting his name to have a satisfactory day appears surreal to others.

By talking condescendingly about being a musician, he aims to grab the audience’s attention. If he were to simply enter and start his speech by proclaiming himself as a cool rock star who wants to aid the third world, it would not resonate with the audience as they would view him as just another celebrity boasting about their wealth. Bono paints the image that he devoted time and effort to his philanthropy, rather than simply throwing away a small portion of his fortune to show off.

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Bono introduces himself and discusses global issues, emphasizing the importance of grassroots movements. He provides an example of a successful movement that raised funds for impoverished countries, specifically Monogamous. In Monogamous, debt payments were reduced by 42%, resulting in a $14 million increase in healthcare spending. Bono urges students to take action and make a positive impact on the world. He acknowledges that finding solutions requires intelligent individuals: “I think I’ve come here to ask you for your help. This is a big problem. We need some smart people working on it.” Bono uses statistics to validate the effect of money already donated to Monogamous as part of his logical argument (Logos). Additionally, he appeals to emotions (Pathos) by sharing a touching story about a doctor in Monogamous who could purchase two bicycles and employ two nurses with assistance from fundraisers, allowing them to serve more people efficiently. To emphasize the importance of empathy and global cooperation, he asks: “Isn’t ‘Love thy neighbor in the global village so inconvenient?'”

GOD writes us these lines but we must sing them. The passage evokes Pathos, highlighting that society has become overly focused on materialism and narcissism, urging students to prioritize following their hearts and utilizing their intellect. Towards the conclusion of his address, the speaker reminisces about his childhood in Dublin, where he observed America with awe, witnessing their ability to send a man to the moon and believing in their limitless potential. He poses the question to the audience, questioning if this belief still holds true. Ultimately, he asserts that they have the power to restore this truth.

I believe that many Americans are proud of their country and often mention ‘the American dream’. However, Bono is now suggesting that it may no longer be a land of endless opportunities. This revelation has certainly impacted the audience. Perhaps this is the moment when the audience becomes convinced that they have the power to make a difference and that their country still embodies the idea that anything is possible. It is challenging to fully analyze how Bono reaches his audience without witnessing the speech firsthand. Hence, it is important for those who wish to gain insight from his speech to watch it, particularly young people.

Despite his intention to connect with the audience, Bono’s speech did not receive the desired reaction. The crowd’s response was minimal, with only a few handclaps and laughter that fell short of his expectations. While discussing global issues, there was a noticeable sense of detachment. Nonetheless, I maintain that it was a well-crafted speech and trust that it made an impact on viewers who watched it on television, even if it didn’t resonate with those present at Harvard University.

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