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A beach on a sunny day



Words: 953 (4 pages)

I woke up one morning feeling very hot. As I opened my eyes I noticed the intense brightness all around the room. The sun was gleaming through a crack in the curtain. My bedroom was usually like an old dusty dark street, but now it is a lovely bright and warm sunny room. I suddenly…

The Invention of Surf Boards Speech



Words: 645 (3 pages)

Topic: Surfboards Purpose: To inform the class about the invention of surfboards and how they have progressed. Central idea: To give the audience information on how the surfboard was invented, history, how its improved, and a little information about the sport of surfing. Introduction: Surfing is something I’ve always been interested in. My dad surfs,…

My Beautiful Hometown



Words: 530 (3 pages)

You must visit my hometown, Padang. Padang is located in West Sumatera, Indonesia. There are so many object to visit here. Many tourist from different country has come to Padang. Not a little from them are also married with the indigenous people here and stay. The weather in Padang is hot and it’s good for…

Run at the Beach With the Natural Refreshment to Start the Day



Words: 952 (4 pages)

A summer vacation feels empty without going to the beach. It is where you have a chance to get away from school and work; people would go to release the stress and escape for some relaxation time. It is just about being at the beach with your friends and family. While standing on the Malibu…

Cangrejera Beach Essay



Words: 364 (2 pages)

The name “Cangrejera” is derived from “Cangrejo”, which is Spanish for “Crab”. It is so named because of the enormous quantity of crabs that inhabit this beach. During the night, they come out of their holes to the sand surface to look for food. This beach is forty minutes away from the capital, which provides…

Tourist Motivation to Surf in Bali



Words: 849 (4 pages)

CHAPTER 1 1 INTRODUCTION 1 Background of Study Bali is one of the islands in Indonesia. It’s one from 33 provinces, which the capital of the province is Denpasar, located in southern of Bali. Bali itself is located between Java to the west and Lombok to the east. Lies 3. 2 km (2 mil) east…

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