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My Trip to Six Flags

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Later, than day my mom’s friend came to pick us up and the trip began. One place we stopped was at a restaurant, it was really nice and had a lot of good food but I can’t remember the name of it. We also stopped at gas station, where I saw this pretty girl so I gave her the look. She saw the look, and giggled which mean had the magic look. We eventually, made it to Six Flags when I stepped into the park I was AMAZED evened yelled ahoy like a ghetto person.

As, we got deeper into the park I was amazed more and more. The first thing we did as play Hooper, I had to shoot three basketball into the hoop without missing .

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My Trip to Six Flags
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I got all three shots in the hoop, without hitting the backboard at that moment I felt like Michael Jordan. The next thing I remember doing, was going a long line waiting to ride Superman, the line so long nearly passed out.

When it was our turn to go on the ride I was told to take off my glasses, but didn’t listen. And slowly the ride was beginning was nervous from the second of closing my eyes the ride went super fast and my glasses fell off and started weeping. I told my mom’s friend, and he understood and he promised to tan up for me in case if my mom tries to whip me.

The last ride I went. On was the water slide, it wasn’t a long line like the others and it also wasn’t scary. After, riding it was soaked in water and I felt childish. On, our way home we stopped at the same restaurant, but I didn’t have anything to eat because I was scared of what my mom was goanna do to me. We, finally got home and I explained what happened to my glasses, she yelled at me but I didn’t get a whooping because her friend was generous to buy me new pair of glasses. My trip to Six Flags was fun, and hope to come back year.

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