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The Deadly Military Strike on Pearl Harbor

Attack on Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

Words: 287 (2 pages)

With confidence in our armed forces we will gain the Nineveh Table triumph so help us god” said Franklin D. Roosevelt to the Congress to get involved in war against Japan. Pearl Harbors location led to the bombing of Pearl Harbor by Japan. W why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor? Japan had started a conflict…

The Attack on Pearl Harbor or the Hawaiian Naval Operation

Attack on Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

Words: 395 (2 pages)

The Japanese’s attack on Pearl Harbor was not a surprise attack on the United States, but that it what most people are led to believe. There was a prior attack on a boat in the ocean that they knew was by the Japanese, but the commander just sent fighter pilots to shoot them down, and…

Historical Accuracy of Michael Bay’s Pearl Barbor

Attack on Pearl Harbor


Words: 1452 (6 pages)

Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941 is a day that, for many Americans, will live in infamy. This is the day that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, a U. S. Naval Base in Hawaii, and this event was the main cause for the United States to become involved in World War II. In 2001 the film…

Marshall Plan and Europes Falls and Rise

Marshall Plan


Words: 2040 (9 pages)

1.) In less than twenty years after 1945, Western Europe was able to rise from the ashes like a phoenix despite being physically, economically, and psychologically destroyed. Accurately distinguishing and assigning appropriate significance to the factors behind this remarkable recovery is crucial. Europe’s triumph can be credited to the initial support it received from the…

World War 3 Theory

Manhattan Project


Words: 2394 (10 pages)

Tuskegee University Sea power and Maritime Affairs Spring Semester 2013 World War III Theory: Even though countries such as the United States may believe that they are prepared for anything that will come their way. , an event such as World War III would be the end of life as we know it because it…

The Attack on Pearl Harbor

Attack on Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

Words: 1689 (7 pages)

Rutgers University The Attack on Pearl Harbor A Comprehensive Essay Brian Foley LTJG LaVopa Maritime Strategies and Affairs 15 April 2013 The Attack on Pearl Harbor The attack on Pearl Harbor was one of the worst attacks took the United States by surprise. 7 December 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt claimed it to be “a date…

Leaders in the Movement-McCarthy


Marshall Plan

Words: 1458 (6 pages)

America: Land of the free, and the home of the brave. This famous expression has been used numerous times throughout history, even scoring a line in our country’s national anthem. But in our high-tech socety, many Americans can not even understand what our forefathers went through to achieve this American dream. People do not even…

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The enemy win their battles from the air! That’s impossible! We could do with some of those razor blades, Herr Reichsmarshall. I’ve had my fill of Hitler. Defend Paris to the last, destroy all bridges over the Seine and devastate the city.


World War II or the Second World War, often abbreviated as WWII or WW2, was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945. It involved the vast majority of the world’s countries—including all of the great powers—forming two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis powers.

Dates: Sep 1, 1939 – Sep 2, 1945

Turning point: The Battle of Stalingrad

Location: Europe, Australia, Asia, South America, North Africa, Central Africa, North America

WW2 people: Adolf Hitler 1889–1945, Franklin D. Roosevelt1882–1945, Winston Churchill1874–1965, Joseph Stalin 1878–1953,

WW2 battles: Attack on Pearl Harbor, Battle of the Bulge, Battle of Midway, Battle of Stalingrad,

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