Jane Eyre Mystery and Suspense

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A ‘thorn’ is the sharp projecting point on a Lana, and by using this, Bronze foreshadows the difficult time Jane has at Threefold. This name also makes the reader curious, as it is an unusual and quite negative name. Bronze sustains the reader’s curiosity during the meeting between Mr.. Rochester and Jane Rye. The setting of the hill top path with the ‘rising moon’ and ‘absolute hush’ builds a picture Of a very quiet, isolated place in the reader’s mind. This setting is usually used in other stories when something bad is about to happen, so the suspense is high here.

Cane’s memories of Besides tales about the ‘Ashtrays’ add terror to the scene, where n onlooker would see none. Bronze also connects with the reader’s senses; ‘a tramp tramp, a metallic clatter’ and ‘a rush under the hedge’. By not stating what the noises are made by, it produces a very mysterious and unnerving situation which the reader is drawn into.

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Bronze extends this idea with the structure of the sentences. In this paragraph, the sentences are long but with a lot of punctuation for pauses. For example, ‘It was very near, but not yet in sight; when, in addition to the tramp, tramp, I heard a rush under the hedge. This reflects Cane’s thought process; she is onerous so her thoughts are broken and fleeting. The description of Mr.. Rochester also adds mystery. He is ‘enveloped in a riding cloak’, ‘had a dark face, with stern features’ and ‘considerable breadth of chest.

This suggests a secretive character, which Bronze also portrays through the dialogue between him and Jane. Rochester responses to Cane’s questions are short and abrupt, “Can you tell me where he is? ‘ ‘I cannot. ” This makes it seem like he has something to hide, which the reader later finds out is his identity.

In addition, the fact that he responds with ‘l cannot’ may seem odd to the reader (a normal response may be more apologetic and less definitive. ) When it is revealed, to Jane and the reader, that the traveler was Mr.. Rochester, it makes the reader intrigued as to why he would keep his identity secret when he met Jane earlier in the chapter. This increases the mysterious atmosphere. Charlotte Bronze uses gothic features in her description of Threefold, to enhance the readers feeling of suspense. The reader gets a sense of the building when Mrs.. Fairfax says ‘no one ever sleeps here’.

This is followed up by Cane’s mention of any ‘ghosts’ Jane Rye By calumnies ‘ores, mystery’ grid suspense fir SSL m plot suburb’ onlooker would ‘a tram. P, AR ‘legends or ghost stories’. This presents the building as a empty, eerie place. In this description, Threefold is also a prison – trapdoor’, ‘attic… As black as a vault’ and ‘rows all shut’ compared to the ‘sunlit scene of grove, pasture c Jane views from the roof of Threefold. This links with the Mason later on, as she was essentially a prisoner in Thorn creates mystery and suspense through intellectuality.

TTT multiple layers and foreshadows events later on in the n. ‘after life’s fitful fever they sleep well’ which is a quote FRR linking the scene to the play, Bronze links Threefold with Macbeth (deception, tragedy, murder etc. ) and forehead( in the book. Secondly, Bronze relates the corridors in HTH corridor in some Bluebird’s castle. ‘ The French folktale (published 1697) tells the story of a violent nobleman, in murdering his wives, and the attempt of one wife to avow predecessors. This relates to Mr.. Rochester, keeping his the attic, while proposing to Jane.

Readers who know oft up on this reference and be interested as to how this ere Towards the end of Chapter 11 , Mrs.. Fairfax says to Grab directions! ‘ By not expressing what the directions are, Bri reader wonder what they are, creating mystery. Possibly containing the most suspense in the book, is the scene a Rochester and Jane, in which Bronze slowly reveals the Rochester’s previous wife. By having many characters SP scene, Bronze makes the event very dramatic and frantic reader engaged and it almost makes them read at the be happening.

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