My Doll Eede

Since the day I was born, my doll Eedee has played a major role in my life. From nap time to snack time, she was always with me, held tight in my hands. Then, she looked fresh, out-of-the-box, brand new; now, however, after having been through conversations and stormy nights, she is in half the condition she used to be. Her body is all faded and torn, and what used to be a light pink face, now looks dirty and faded as well. But now, I am glad to have her in a box under my bead rather than ending up burning like the toys almost did in Toy Story 3. While some people may consider her a ratty old doll, I consider Eedee one of the most priceless treasures in the word.

Eedee is about 8 inches tall, and was the perfect size for 1 year old me. She was made completely of cloth, so she was very light and easy to carry around. While her body was once a pretty, light pink, it is now faded and gray, like the shadows cast on a moonlight night. Her hair of yarn, barley peeking out of her bonnet, was once soft and smooth. Through the years, her former bright blonde hair has become discolored and frayed. Even though she might not be in great condition now, she was perfect for toddler me.

I don’t remember the day I received her, but I know from pictures that Eedee was wearing the same footed pajamas that she still wears today. They are sewn to her body, which was great for a child who tended to lose things. Then, her clothes were in good condition and smelled strongly of baby powder, but through the years, the smell and clothes have faded, and the sleeve even has a hole in it. I thought the day she ripped as the end of the world, but to my surprise, my little sister got her during the night and had somehow sewn her up! She is also wearing a pink and white striped bonnet, conveniently sewn to her head too. The bonnet was very soft, and when I was angry or scared, I would rub it against my face. It is now faded and worn, as is all the rest of her. Eedee’s face.

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