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Essay – Natural Law

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Natural Law Essay

Natural laws are those laws that are set by nature as opposed to man-made ones. Natural Law refers to moral laws or principals that stipulate how individuals should behave. It also indicates that moral laws have a source and authority that distinguishes them from the civil laws in any society. (Timmons, MT. pg 66) Homosexual sex offends natural laws because it is considered an action that is always morally wrong to perform. This is because it is not sex for procreation and doesn’t produce anything.

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Essay – Natural Law
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Procreation is the caring and rearing for children, as well as being morally required to raise them.(pg 72) It is considered an intrinsically good entity along with knowledge, sociability, and life so seeing as homosexual sex cannot result in procreation, it is morally wrong. The natural law argument can argue that homosexual sex is morally wrong for many reasons. The strongest way of arguing it is by using the argument of Moral Absolutism.

Moral Absolutism explains why homosexual sex is morally wrong because it absolutely disallows actions that do not follow moral rules and describes how some certain acts are always considered morally wrong.(pg 80) Moral Absolutism highlights the importance of avoiding wrong acts rather than promoting good ones. It is more important to not partake in immoral acts than partake in moral ones. These moral rules are exceptionless and some of these acts include killing innocent human beings, lying, adultery and homosexuality (pg 80). There are always small exceptions or loopholes in cases like these, for example, unintentionally killing a human being does not violate moral absolutism even though killing another human being is considered morally wrong. But in the case of homosexual sex there is no way to prove that it could be morally right. Even though performing homosexual sex would bring a good result to the peoples involved, it is an act that is supposed to be avoided and actions such as these are morally wrong.

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