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Identity Theft and Scams


Words: 1472 (6 pages)

There are countless illegal activities that affect our lives. Most of them we can protect ourselves against more because it is easier for us to become aware that something is missing. I believe it is easier to protect ourselves against Illegal activities such as robbery, burglary than against scams and identity theft. I believe that…

Investigating Data Theft


Words: 1956 (8 pages)

Data theft is extremely basic in global organizations; this circumstance might be because of numerous reasons such as dealing with a displeased worker, and their malicious thought process of making the organization a misfortune. The underlying blueprint of the formal arrangement will comprise the accompanying advances. It is defined as the act of stealing computer-based…

The Risk Of Online Identity Theft 



Words: 1782 (8 pages)

Over night, Simon Bunce, a normal man lost his six figure job, the respect of his peers, friends, and family over night, after being arrested, and branded as a pedophile. Someone stole his credit card online and purchased child pornography. (Sigsworth [4]). This is one of the many cases of extreme, online identity theft. Online…

Online Identity Theft and Prevention


Crime Prevention

Words: 2039 (9 pages)

In today’s world, we are constantly using the internet to communicate, shop online, transfer funds, pay bills and almost everything else under the sun to fill our leisure time. Living in the digital age, everything we do is recorded online and makes all types of information readily available and may end up in the wrong…

The Westward Expansion to Cannibalism


Words: 545 (3 pages)

In the hopes of traveling a straight ride to California is mislead by 81 inexperienced Donner Party emigrants. One of the many misunderstood tragic stories of all time. The need to travel and make shortcuts in life that only take us one step forward and two steps back. This only proves that the human mind…

Reasons Why cities more disruptive than other types of communities




Words: 356 (2 pages)

   Reasons Why cities more disruptive than other types of communities Our generation is not alone concerning the issue of the relatively high crime in the urban cities. It is a problem that has come to stay, for it has been in existence for several centuries. The re-occurrence of crimes in big cities has made…

CrimeControl in America


Words: 422 (2 pages)

There has long been a debate over which, if any, are the most effective methods of crime control. Governments from bottom to top in our nation have poured over the issue with mixed results for as long as there has been a nation. Until very recently deterrence was completely based on fear of punishment. However,…

Social Learning Theory: an Attempt to Explain Crime



Words: 2113 (9 pages)

Many theories exist that try to explain why people commit crimes. One theory in particular pertains to the associations people have and how they influence the individual’s behavior. After looking at the data from the Uniform Crime Report of robbery, one of the four violent crimes, this theory will be expanded upon. In addition, a…

Crime and Basic Persuasive Speech


Persuasive Speech

Words: 783 (4 pages)

Topic: Should Children Who Commit Violent Crimes be tried as Adults Type of Speech/Claim/lulus: Value Organizational Pattern: Topical General Purpose: To persuade my audience that, children who commit violent crimes should be tried as adults Specific Purpose: Use 3 main points to persuade my audience. Central Idea: To persuade my audience that, children who commit…

Are Criminals Born or Made?



Human development

Nature Versus Nurture


Words: 1009 (5 pages)

Are criminals born or made? A criminal is defined as someone who has committed a crime. Psychologists have come up with many theories and reasons about why people commit crimes. The two main explanations lie in genetic and environmental factors, which relates to the nature and nurture debate. Studies have been carried out to explain…

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