What is the food waste problem in Hong Kong among

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The project aims to explore whether teenagers waste or value food in Hong Kong, where landfill sites are almost full and waste management is a pressing issue. As the future of society depends on them, it is crucial for teenagers to use resources wisely and be environmentally friendly. The investigation will focus on the actions of teenagers to determine their attitude towards food waste.

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The main objective of the project is to investigate whether today’s teenagers squander excessive amounts of food or truly value and appreciate it. In Hong Kong, the imminent depletion of landfill sites sparks concerns regarding waste management, with society being apprehensive about the escalating volume of generated waste. The disposal of food waste in landfills worsens the issue. Since teenagers represent the future of our society, it becomes imperative for them to acquire essential knowledge on resource efficiency.

The focus should be on evaluating managers’ actions to determine their commitment to environmental sustainability. Our project aims to investigate whether or not managers are wasting a considerable amount of food or recognizing its value. As landfill sites in Hong Kong approach maximum capacity, effective waste management is crucial. Moreover, the quantity of waste produced by society and the disposal of food waste in landfills are also concerning matters.

The future society depends on teenagers, who are the future pillar. It is essential for them to comprehend how to wisely use resources. We need to observe their behavior and assess if they are embracing an eco-friendly approach. The project’s objective is to examine if teenagers genuinely waste substantial quantities of food or appreciate it. Considering that landfill sites in Hong Kong are almost full, waste management is a pressing issue.

Nevertheless, society is also worried about the growing quantity of waste being produced, particularly food waste that ends up in landfills. This is a concerning matter as teenagers play a pivotal role in shaping our future society and we rely on them. Consequently, it is essential for them to possess an understanding of resource management. It is important that we observe their behaviors and determine whether they are taking environmentally conscious steps when disposing of waste.

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