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Evaluation of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

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Hong Kong, which has a good geographical location, a well-developed infrastructure system, and adequate supply of hotel rooms, is a good place for developing convention and exhibition market. Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center (HKCEC) was established in 1988 after which Hong Kong exhibition industry experienced rapid growth leading Hong Kong to establish its position as Asia’s trade fair capital and a premier international convention and meeting location. Few years before, HKCEC gained many rewards globally, such as The Best Convention and Exhibition Center by 16th TTG Travel Reward 2005.

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Evaluation of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center
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Therefore it must have much strength that we need to study from. However, in recent years, its position is challenged by nearby cities such as Singapore and Shanghai. The weaknesses of HKCEC also need to be analyzed in order to provide constructive suggestion to it. The HKCEC will be evaluated in numerous aspects, namely Convention Building, Facilities and Services, Accessibility, Accommodation, Food and Beverage and Entertainment. Convention Building, Facilities and Services

The convention venue itself must be the main concern to both the organizer and attendee of the convention or exhibition, therefore, an in-depth analyze should be done in order to evaluate its good and bad.

First of all, the size of HKCEC is the main weakness of it. Although from its second expansion project it was enlarged by 19,400 sqm additional exhibition space and it presently provides 66,000 sqm of purpose-built exhibition space, 20,000 sqm of multi-functional venues and 5,500 sqm of event support space. It is still considered as not big enough when facing the increasing competitions from the nearby cities.

The head of the HKCEC thinks a third expansion is necessary to keep the venue competitive. He said the big events have left the city for larger venues elsewhere. (Wan, 2012) In 1994, HKCEC was No. 2 in Asia in terms of size, however, now it has dropped out of the top 20 in China alone. For the facilities and service of the venue, HKCEC performs well from the attendees’ standpoint. Breiter and Milman (2005) found out that overall cleanliness of the convention center, well-maintained facility and helpfulness of guest service personnel were considered as the most important aspects of a convention center by attendees.

HKCEC is very clean and the facilities are well maintained and new. Also, the staffs were helpful when I asked about the direction of the restroom. The amount of public restroom, telephone and Internet access are also adequate at the same time. From the standpoint of the organizer, it is still considered as a good venue. It provides a large variety of services that are valued by the organizers such as food and beverage services, security services and wireless Internet service.

It allows full truck access; the ceiling height of each exhibition hall is 17 meters which allows hanging of large poster and direction signage and it provides state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment. All those are considered as the priority criteria when selecting sites by the exhibition organizers. (Wu and Weber, 2006) Accessibility The HKCEC is located in the center of the city – Wan Chai which is in the heart of Hong Kong on Victoria Harbor. It is easily accessible as Hong Kong has a highly developed public transportation system.

Attendee can go there by the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) and the walking time from the MTR station to HKCEC is only 8 minutes. As MTR links nearly all urban districs in Hong Kong, attendee’s traveling time is minimized. The cost of transport to the venue is also low, for example, from Tsim Sha Tsui, a tourist destination, to Wan Chai by MTR only takes $8. 6 in 8 minutes. On the other hand of accessibility, the direction signage in the venue is clear. There is a broad showing the events and their locations in the lobby. Direction signage is all around the venue.

Furthermore, it also offers a full range of amenities for people with disabilities. For example, spacious guest lifts can accommodate wheelchairs and all entrances are ramped. Accessibility is one of the most important elements of a convention venue as mentioned by many convention literatures (Wu & Weber, 2006 and Breiter & Milman, 2005) and HKCEC is performing well in this aspect. Accommodation The HKCEC is connected with two world-class hotels, the Renaissance Harbour View Hotel (805 rooms) and the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong (549 rooms), which are within walking distance from the venue.

Also, as the transportation of HKCEC is convenient, attendee can choose hotels from the same or other districts. Accommodation is a big concern to the organizers when analyzing the convention venue and the absence of it will lead to the rejection of a center. (Breiter & Milman, 2005) HKCEC provides adequate and proximate accommodation to attendee. Food and Beverage and Entertainment HKCEC has total seven dining options of both Western and Chinese cuisine for attendees to choose from. Their services range from affordable quick-service to high quality fine dining. Also, there are snacks bars at each exhibition hall.

Therefore, the venue provides a large variety and adequate food and beverage options to the attendees. For entertainment, the location of the venue gives great advantages to it. Attendees can go to Admiralty or Central which are only one to two stops by MTR for shopping, site-seeing and enjoying the night life in Hong Kong. Conclusion and Recommendation Being a convention and exhibition center, HKCEC has a convenient location, is equipped with good facilities, excellent services and provides a full range of supporting elements such as accommodation, food and beverage and entertainment.

All those are the goods of the venue. However, it still has its limitations. as mentioned above, the lack of space is the main limitation of HKCEC. It is recommended to have its third expansion quickly in order to maintain its competency in long term. As Wan Chai is already overwhelmed by cars, the further expansions need to carefully consider its negative impact on residents. Therefore, improving the traffic condition in that district is also needed for the future expansion projects.

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