Ethical and Unethical issues about Coca-Cola

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The company has come under fire in the last few months for the way in which its workers are treated in Guatemala. On February 25, 2010, Coke was sued by those Guatemalan labourers, who claim that they, “endured a campaign of violence” from the people who worked for the bottling or processing plants owned by Coke. (Unethical) In 1998, Coca-Cola set up a bottling plant in Perumatti in the southern state of Kerala. Since it opened, local villagers have complained about the decrease in the amount of water available to them and have blamed the fall in supplies on Coca-Cola who, they claim, use up to a million litres per day at the plant.

Coca-Cola claims that the shortage in the water is due to the lack of rains in the region. (Unethical) Local farmers are claiming that their livelihood has been destroyed since the building of the plant and that the number of people working on the land has dropped considerably because they cannot survive. (Unethical) Following the cleaning of the bottles, a waste sludge is produced that Coca-Cola have been disposing of on the land of local farmers, claiming it was a useful fertiliser. (Unethical) In a separate development, sales of Coca-Cola have been hit by suggestions that its drinks produced in India contained higher levels of pesticide. Unethical) In Kerala, India during 2003 there was protest against lack of water and polluted water that resulted from its bottling operations. The allegations caused the closure of Coca Cola’s office. (Unethical) The problems still happening with some bottling plants still remain, due to the decrease in levels of ground water, day by day. (Unethical) The communities near the bottling plant in India have complained about the passage of sludge as fertilizer, causing health and environmental damage. Unethical) On June 13, 1999, Coca-Cola recalled over 15 million cans and bottles after the Belgian Health Ministry announced a ban on Coke’s drinks, which were known to be making more than 100 school children ill in the previous six days. (Unethical) Coca-Cola say they have had several cases of poisoning of young people who had stomach pain after drinking. (Unethical)

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Coca Cola has become one of the most popular drinks in India. (Ethical) The soft drinks sold by Coca Cola were examined by an independent lab, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). According to the reports obtained the soft drinks were declared safe and pesticide free. Ethical) The Coca-Cola Company strives to be a great place to work, where people are inspired to be the best they can be and can create extraordinary results every day, in every country they operate. (Ethical) Coca Cola hold themselves to the highest standards of fairness in the treatment of their workforce around the world in line with the UN Global Compact human rights principles. (Ethical) They are there to help hydrate after a tough game, nourish when you’re on the go, energize when you’re facing a tough workout or a night on the town and celebrate when you are enjoying time with friends and family. Ethical) By Coca Cola providing a range of beverage products, package sizes and nutrition information they strive to inform, motivate and empower consumers to make sensible beverage choices. (Ethical)

Their goal is to help people around the world lead healthier lives by providing beverages for every lifestyle, life stage and life occasion. (Ethical) Ensuring the safety and quality of our products has always been at the core of our business and is directly linked to the success of our Company. Ethical) Coca Cola products help individuals relieve problems such as heartburn, inflammation of the stomach, sore throat and headaches. The product also helps calms nerves and relieves tension during stressful situations. (Ethical) Companies like Coca Cola are constantly trying to maximize profits, minimize losses, and restrict other companies from gaining more market share. This is why their distinctive feature makes them stand out from their competitors like Pepsi. (Ethical) Coca aimed at everyone and in return can be bad and makes you feel good, makes you active and alot of sugar making it strong.

Hyperactivity bad for children. Too much affects teeth due to sugar. Causes plaque + addiction. Target market – everyone. Ethical and Unethical issues about Apple http://www. techdigest. tv/apple/3. html One of Apple’s suppliers, was reported to have been using a chemical, n-hexane, which had poisoned 49 workers. (Unethical) Suppliers who use child labour to make Apple products. (Unethical). This means that with Child Labour is becoming problematic due to Apple firing the underage employees, who may be the only wage earners in their families. The two above problems ould affect any company like Apple who uses their suppliers in areas with lax regulation, doing potential substantial damage to their company’s brand and products. Wintek Suzhou, an affiliate of Wintek Corporation and a major supplier of components for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch, has been exposed by China Central Television for hazardous work conditions and disputes about employee welfare. (Unethical) According to Focus, a program broadcast by CCTV, employees at a Wintek factory in Suzhou, Jiangsu province went on strike in mid-January 2010 and this sparked the exposure of n-hexane poisoning cases at the factory. Unethical)

The report said that the company illegally used hexane in place of alcohol for cleaning mobile phone screens, and this was the main cause of the n-hexane poisoning. (Unethical) The report said that the company has been asked to stop using this chemical and has been punished, with some of its management being dismissed. (Unethical) In May 2009 the Taiwan Labour Organization went to protest at Apple’s office in Taiwan, accusing Wintek Corporation, the parent company of Wintek for ignoring worker’s rights, offering bad working conditions, and cutting staff illegally. Unethical) Workers in Chinese factories that produce the popular iPod are poorly paid and not allowed access to outsiders. This occurs even though these factories are not directly owned by Apple, but are instead run by Foxconn. (Unethical) Last year, Elan increased the pressure on Apple by asking the U. S. International Trade Commission (ITC) to ban any Apple device which might infringe on its patents, just ahead of the release of the iPad. (Unethical) Apple and several mobile developers are facing problems over the collection and unauthorised sharing of private user data with third-party advertising networks, according to iLounge.

The exchange of information was done without the user’s knowledge or consent. (Unethical) Apple Computer (AAPL) says it is committed to ensuring that working conditions in its China factories are up to international standards. (Ethical) Following Apple’s announcement that the battery for some of its MacBook and MacBook Pro laptop computers may have problems when recharging, a representative from Apple China has told local media that Apple will replace the problematic batteries for consumers free of charge. Ethical) The company says that with their latest software that helps automatically update the performance of the batteries, it will be easy for Chinese consumers to upgrade their batteries later on. (Ethical) Best Buy Xuhui Store is the retail dealer that sold the most Apple products in China in 2007, and that’s why Apple has decided to upgrade the cooperation with Best Buy and open this store. (Ethical) Apple makes chips and other products for touch screen and touchpad controls that are used in laptops and smart phones.

The devices would then help allow people to use multi-touch functions like swiping, zooming and rotating images on a screen as well as taps, swipes and gesturing. (Ethical) Apple claims to review each application before offering it to users. (Ethical) In terms of Apple’s Iphone when finding and downloading a song it takes less than five taps, which is notable considering that a simple music download from a network operator portal typically takes 18 to 39 clicks to execute. Ethical) With Apple’s TV they help make your TV watching experience richer. View your photos and videos on a high definition screen, listen to your playlist and much more with Apple TV. (Ethical) Apple’s product support is excellent. If anything goes wrong with your Macbook they will repair it no questions asked if it’s under warranty. With or without Applecare they will always try to help or suggest alternatives. (Ethical) With their products, they are known to be user-friendly. (Ethical)

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