Jackass’s Situation of its Legal and Ethical Issues

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Keeping in mind the facts and timeline of this situation, discuss Jackass’s situation in terms of its legal and ethical issues. Jackie has a strong case for sexual harassment against her former boyfriend, Curtis. Jackie and Curtis was a couple in the past; however, decided to separate and end their engagement due to Curtis infidelities. Jackie made Curtis aware that she was not comfortable by rejecting several of his sexual advances. Curtis proceeded to continue with his sexual advances; therefore, Jackie was warranted to file a harassment claim.

Next, Curtis created a hostile environment for Jackie by frequently reminding Jackie of his connections through various music sources (Farrell, Frederica & Farrell, 2013). Jackie felt as if she had to suffer through the abuse for the advancement of her career. The relationship between Curtis and Leslie presented a conflict Of interest. Curtis admitted that Leslie and himself were having relations; which resulted with her career advancement in the legal department. Because of their relationship, Leslie should not have been involved in Jackass’s situation because her role and views are basis.

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Leslie abused her power as well, due to her lack of interest in handling Jackass’s harassment claim. Leslie was correct that SAD does have a strict fraternities policy; however, she was not following the policy herself. 2. ) Discuss Jackass’s alternatives and the possible professional and private outcomes of her situation. Because of all the ethical and legal volition’s that occurred in the case study, Jackass’s best alternative is to leave the record label. Meeting with SAD president will have a negative affect for Jackie, Curtis, & Leslie.

As revisions stated each individual violated the company’s ethical standards: with Curtis and Leslie also violating federal laws (Farrell, Frederica & Farrell, 2013). After a discussion with the company’s presidents, each employees would face disciplinary actions; with termination being the likely punishment. Professionally, Jackass’s reputation is likely to take damage; which could result in other recording labels overlooking her talent for her past discretions. Privately, Jackie faces alienation because both her professional and personal reputation will be damaged. 3.

Is Curtis in violation of sexual harassment and/ or sexual discrimination laws in the United States? Curtis is in violation of sexual harassment. Whether, he or she is in relationship, they must act professional and follow all the company’s policies and procedures in the workplace (Farrell, Frederica & Farrell, 2013). Jackie rejected Curtis sexual advances and asked him to stop. Because Curtis continues with his inappropriate remarks and advances, he violated harassment laws. 4. ) Certainly Curtis has damaged Jackass’s performance level; however, has he also created a legally hostile work environment?

Yes, Curtis created a legally hostile work environment for Jackie. Curtis is using is power and influences in the music industry to get what he wants from Jackie. Knowing Jackie has ambition in succeeding in the music industry, Curtis fells that Jackie will do whatever he says. Case 9: Enron: Questionable Accounting Leads to Collapse 1 How did the corporate culture of Enron contribute to its bankruptcy? Being too focus on profits and ignoring the overall aspects of the organization, contribute to Enron’s bankruptcy. Top-level executives only wanted the best employees working for them.

This led to questionable employee evaluations; with employees scoring in the bottom 20 being pushed out the company (Farrell, Frederica & Farrell, 2013). 2. ) Did Enron’s bankers, auditors, and attorneys contribute to Enron’s demise? If so, how? All played a critical role in Enron’s demise; however, the auditors played more of a role than the bankers and attorney. An auditor’s main objective is to verify that all information is 100% accurate. Financial statements are used by stakeholders and investors to make important business decisions.

Because auditors falsified many cords, investors and stakeholders were misled into making crucial financial decisions on incorrect data (Farrell, Frederica & Farrell, 2013). As for the bankers and attorneys, they were able to Secure many of the company’s transactions off unethical and illegal practices. Enron’s executives used many unethical and threatening practices when working with Merrill Lynch, the company’s major bank affiliate. 3. ) What role did the company’s chief financial officer play in creating the problems that led to Enron’s financial problems?

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