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Ethical Lens Inventory Sample

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Your Core Valuess: Autonomy and SensibilityYou prioritize the value of liberty over equality. Your primary concern is protecting single rights. You believe this is the best manner to guarantee that everyone in the community is treated reasonably. You prioritize the value of esthesia over reason. You believe the best consequences are achieved by analyzing each state of affairs in its ain context instead than using one-size-fits-all solutions.

Your Classical Valuess: PrudenceYou demonstrate wisdom in practical affairs and foresight as you act with enlightened opportunism in a peculiar state of affairs.

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Ethical Lens Inventory Sample
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You besides bring optimism. imaginativeness and the gift of entrepreneurship to the tabular array.

Your Cardinal Phrase: “I do picks that are good for everyone. ” Because you value liberty and esthesia. you tend to presume that each individual operates from a clear sense of their ain values.

Your Definition of ethical behaviour: Making the Greatest Good You define an ethical individual as one who makes responsible picks that benefit many different persons at the same clip.

You seek “win-win” consequences for everyone. even in complex state of affairss.

Your Tools for analysing jobs: ExperienceYou see the current state of affairs in the visible radiation of past experiences and tend to utilize a combination of intuition and imaginativeness to integrate new information and work out jobs. You focus on what is really go oning and see solutions that make many people happy. You are able to see multiple positions and are comfy with ambiguity.

Your Gift: Free WillBecause you value liberty. you are autonomous and accountable. and you work to guarantee that others can be every bit good. You are non afraid to prosecute what please you and convey you pleasance. both in the short term and the long-run. You want this freedom for each individual to seek their ideal ends in life.

Your Blind topographic point: Satisfied with excessively small goodSometimes you fail to be accountable to those who are depending on you when you exercise your free will. So long as you’ve satisfied your ain demands. you can go self-satisfied. go forthing jobs unresolved in the long-run and everyone else to fend for themselves.

Your Hazard: Reducing determinations to a cost-benefit analysisIf you do non guarantee that all have free will. you run the hazard of cut downing determinations to a narrow and strictly fiscal cost-benefit analysis. You tend to cut corners as you become attached to accomplishing your ain ends.

Your Temptation: ExpedienceIf you are non paying attending. you can be tempted to expedience: establishing your actions on what is politic or advantageous instead than what is right or merely. You will convert yourself that everyone will be happy in the terminal and non mind a few undistinguished corners being cut.

Your Frailty: Becoming GreedyIf you fail to exert free will responsibly. your healthy chase of good for all can devolve into an alibi for taking every bit much for yourself as you can acquire off with. A desire to devour more than you need ( gluttony ) . and hungering for pleasances of the organic structure ( lust ) can go jobs for people who prefer this lens.

Your Crisis: FailureUnless you develop the pattern of heedfulness and contemplation. at some point you will confront failure. No 1 can carry through or get everything and the more you do. the less fulfilling it becomes. If you find you have few friends. it could be because your acquisitiveness drives them away.

Your Sing Clearly: Use your caputTo see more clearly. look into to see whether your intestine and your caput agree. To happen balance. research the gifts of the other lenses – consistence and concern for the whole community. As you consider what will supply the greatest good. temper your actions with consideration of the demands of the whole community and a consistent attack to similar state of affairss. As you learn to see other positions in your determination devising procedure. you will populate out the best of your ideals with compassion and attention for others.Bottom of Form

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