Ethnic Notions, Bamboozled and Maus

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Ethnicity as Portrayed and Discussed in Ethnic Notions, Bamboozled and Mass The world is currently approaching a global integration. The current systems created in Europe and America does not favor negative ethnicity and racism. Anti-Semitism remains a living ideology since the World War II as the pop culture uprightly propagates ethnicity and racism. Several films and comics have portrayed the true nature of the pop culture and Its effects on the society today. Several authors have condemned these practices through the different media.

The society consists of efferent people of all classes as portrayed In an epic story told In tiny pictures of Mass. The story presents a case of a boy in love with a girl. His state of poverty makes his relationship with people in America difficult. He had dreamt of studying in America because of the perception held by many people regarding the white-power supremacy. It has affected the pride owned by citizens of other countries. During a date In Mass, a girl tells him; “It’s a shame you have to return to Choctaws so soon. ” This demonstrates how the global society considers America as the best place o live in.

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However, life in America is not that sweet; the narrator”s father experienced many challenges. Intermarriage in America between different races is still a challenge because of the differences of the culture where people view other races as inferior. Poverty and literacy are perceived as demonstrable characteristics of a specific group of people. Americans did not benefit and has not benefited from the any of the wars the country has fought: they are forced to always defend the nation. It Is our own perception that makes a certain race Inferior than another.

This practice has had a great impact in the society. It affects the way we relate and view people. Levine, in one of the ethnic transcript in California Newsreel, responds to the depictions of black Americans: “You look at them often enough and black people begin to look like that, even though they do not”. America is a nation founded on human equality but still experiences high levels of racism. The image portrayed of black Americans In the film Is exaggerated so that small towns that had not seen blacks could be familiar with them. The people who encouraged slavery were selfish.

They held a belief that slavery was good. The narrator in the newsreel transcript presents a proof of their selfish act in the image of a happy Samba. Human beings are attracted to what they see and they believe it portrays the true feelings that people can express. However, the slaves did not like slavery as portrayed by the slave owners through a ‘kind of paradise’. This was a way to make the people believe that the slaves accepted the slavery: to create a cultural Image that supports the practice when the reality was that people died and suffered as slaves.

The voice-over in the News Real Transcript believes that they never would be happy. Transcendentalism is a practice that has had an impact in the black American society. It is only through this that religion is in existence and it creates endurance towards the black culture’s appearance and behavioral criticism. The society corrupted the purity of Individuals by considering blacks as entertainers and servants AT ten went. Contrastingly, ten current culture Is canalling because the blacks are becoming self-reliant and independent.

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