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Evaluate and improve own performance in a business environment

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Evaluate and Improve own Performance in a Business Environment Unit 302

The purpose of continuously improving your own performance is business is to help improve the overall performance of the business. This will also improve your own job satisfaction and overall employability.

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Evaluate and improve own performance in a business environment
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There are three main ways you can improve your own performance. The first is to set aside time with a good manager, who can assess your work and give you advice on how to complete that piece of work.

This can be in a formal one to one meeting, where your whole performance is reviewed, or this could be an informal chat at your desk about a specific piece of work.

The second way of improving your own performance is to have an experienced colleague review what you have done. This is helpful because they can use their experience to identify any mistakes and provide pointers on making the work easier and more efficient.

The final way toy could improve your own performance would be to perform a self-assessment.

This is where you step back from what you have done so far and decide whether you have completed everything to the correct requirements.

The purpose of feedback is to provide you with an opportunity to review and improve your overall performance in the workplace. Feedback can either be positive or negative, and gives you the chance to improve your performance and set targets for the future. Organisations can provide employees with feedback in formal feedback sessions or through an appraisal system.

Setting targets is an important part of the feedback process because they give you a clear idea of what you are aiming to achieve. These targets must always be realistic, relevant to you, written down and achievable without help from colleagues.

Evaluating your own work allows you to identify the areas that need to be improved. This can be done by looking at specific areas of your work and deciding whether you have completed them to a satisfactory standard. The best areas to look at are your planning and organisation, use of time, reliability and your communication skills.

Once you have identified an area of your work that you are not happy with, it is important to think of and apply possible improvements. These improvements should comply with the current organisation polices and should not obstruct the work of others.

The purpose of testing possible improvements to your work is to make yourself more effective and to improve the overall performance of the organisation. Testing these improvements will give you an idea of how they will fit into your day to day tasks and affect your performance.

Once the improvements have been tested, you can amend the current procedures to ensure you become more effective and efficient.

Learning and development is normally part of the appraisal system, but can also be offered and encouraged throughout the whole organisation. The main purpose of learning and development is to improve your standard of work. This can be in the form of training which can either be formal education or training on the job and can be an in-house training program or an external training course.

The organisation can benefit from individual learning and development because when members of staff leave, the organisation will have in-house replacements ready to fill essential job roles, ensuring they continue to run efficiently.

Learning and development can also help individuals plan future career plans and open more career opportunities for themselves.

The progression route for my current job role is to first complete my NVQ level 3 in Business Administration. I would then like to stay in Finance and start an accountancy qualification. By doing an accountancy qualification, I hope to develop my existing Finance knowledge.

Career development gives you the chance to take part in opportunities that will help you gain training, experience and qualifications. These career development opportunities include inductions, performance targets, personal development and career progression opportunities.

A personal learning plan is a very important learning and development tool. This is because they can benefit the individual by setting measurable goals, providing a structure behind career plans and developing self awareness of strengths and weaknesses.

Personal learning plans can also help the organisation by improving employer, employee relationships, providing a formal way of talking about performance at work and helps identify which employees have the best range of skills.

Learning plans need to be reviewed periodically so they remain relevant to the circumstances of the employee and the employer.

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