The Law Offices of Jeter, Jackson, Guidry, and Boyer

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The law firm of Jeter Jackson Guidry and Boyer has hired a general manager, Brad Howser, to oversee the business side of the organization. However, Brad’s management skills have caused chaos and unrest within the firm, leading to employee and client dissatisfaction and extra costs. The partners need to address this issue immediately before it worsens. One possible solution would be to openly discuss their displeasure with Brad and ask him to modify his methods or terminate his employment and find an individual who is a better fit with the firm. For the GM Operations position, a democratic or charismatic leadership style with an individual who can think outside the box and has a compassionate approach is ideal.

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The law offices of Jeter, Jackson, Guidry, and Boyer are experiencing unforeseen growth. In order to maintain efficiency, the firm has brought in Brad Howser as a general manager to oversee business operations. At first, Brad was quiet in his position; however, he eventually began creating potential disruption and unrest within the organization.

Brad exhibited poor management skills, characterized by his unreasonableness, lack of sympathy, and unwavering determination. These skills have proven to be ineffective and unacceptable within the law firm, leading to high levels of dissatisfaction among employees and clients. Additionally, the firm has incurred extra costs, specifically exceeding the allocated budget for public relations funding. As a result, Brad’s inadequate handling of matters has greatly displeased the partners. Now, they are determined to address this issue promptly to prevent further harm to the business. The following chapter topics are relevant to this case:

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  • Discuss the concept of leadership
  • Identify and discuss five key behaviors of effective leaders •Identify and discuss the personal skills and traits of effective leaders
  • Describe the effects a leader such as Brad would have on an organization
  • Discuss methods an individual like

The partners must address the issue evident from the case study promptly. Waiting for the situation to improve is not an option due to the current difficulties faced by the business, which are predicted to worsen over time. While some of the original objectives are being achieved and transformation is occurring in the entire business, not all changes benefit the firm.

The business is facing several issues such as dissatisfied employees and clients, clients switching to other service providers, and excessive spending on “public relations”. The students can propose different solutions to address these problems. One recommended approach could be for the partners to openly and critically communicate their disappointment with Brad and request that he adjusts his methods to align better with the firm’s overall philosophies.

An alternative would be to terminate his employment and recruit a more suitable candidate for the company. Moreover, if we assume that establishing the GM Operations position was advantageous, we should contemplate the desired leadership style and individual for this role. To attain optimal outcomes, it is recommended to consider a leader with a democratic leadership style. Such an approach would entail greater understanding of the organization’s needs, its employees, and customers.

A suitable leadership style for the students could be charismatic. Considering the business’s nature and future goals, a charismatic leader would be most effective in guiding the company towards its vision. The ideal candidate should be innovative and compassionate when interacting with others. Instead of employing authoritarian techniques, this person would inspire desired outcomes through gentle persuasion.

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